#NationalSigningDay2021: Adam Everett signs to play baseball at Salisbury University


On February 3, Adam Everett signed to play baseball at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland.

There were many reasons Everett chose to play baseball for the Sea Gulls.

“I chose Salisbury because of the great business program through Purdue Business School, as well as the amazing baseball program, coaches, and facilities.” Everett said. 

Adam Everett has grown up with baseball starting from a young child.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was probably 5 years old. I’ve played for a few club teams, Frederick Rangers, Shutdown Orioles, and Mount Airy Legion. Currently I play with Mt. Airy Legion and work a lot by myself and with my pitching coach because of covid. I’m a pitcher, first, and third basemen. I was recruited to be a pitcher in college. The coach actually pitched in the 2001 World Series (that really stuck out to me) when he was recruiting me,” said Everett.

Former MLB coach, Coach Browhan, personally recruited Everett to pitch at Salisbury, which was one of the reasons why he applied to the school. 

“Aside from the business program, I like the brand new baseball field and facilities, and I really like the ex MLB coach, Coach Browhan. I also like the location. Not too far from home, but far enough. Also pretty close to the beach,” Everett said. 

Straying too far from home can be scary for some students, especially ones who are very close with their families. 

“I would say my biggest supporters are my family. I couldn’t choose just one because I have such a great family that supports me since I was young,” said Everett.

Although Everett has had family by his side this entire time, he hasn’t had the liberty of enjoying the full experience of his last year of high school baseball due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Mentally, covid has affected me a little bit in the sports aspect. It has changed the mentality towards the sport a little bit. It has been more of an individual experience and grind during covid, rather than with a team. Working individually has its benefits, but it definitely is challenging not having the camaraderie with the guys on the team.”