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Get your brain working with VR games.

VR rhythm games combine physical and mental exercise with fun

by Ethan Cesario and Dalton Markel May 3, 2021

VR rhythm games are very popular, with one of the most popular being "Beat Saber." VR means virtual reality, and games are becoming more and more "real" as they advance in graphics and interaction. Beat...

Despite the hype, there's nothing worth watching except the special effects.

Godzilla vs. Kong: a monstrously formulaic movie

by Ryan Dorsey, Reporter April 30, 2021

Godzilla vs. Kong in the first two weeks had already captured $350 million at the box office. Directed by Adam Wingard, this movie is the newest in the line of Warner Bros. monster films. The movie is...

Spread of assignments, Brayden Gregory has completed for his Art 1 class during the 20-21 school year.

Gallery: Ceramics shapes an unusual path during pandemic

What happen to this year's ceramic classes with the changed schedule?
by Brayden Gregory and Jamie Donohue April 28, 2021

      A gallery displaying the effects the changed 20-21 school year had on the what was suppose to be ceramic classes.    

If you liked the 1980's 'Karate Kid', you will LOVE the reboot 'Cobra Kai' featured on Netflix.

1980’s Karate Kid grows up to 2020’s Cobra Kai

by Leila Gibril, Reporter April 26, 2021

Does Cobra Kai, the remake of the 1980’s Karate Kid depict karate in an accurate light?  Absolutely. I took karate lessons from age 6 - 13, completing my Black Belt in 2017.  While the karate...

Hard work pays off: Poms ready to dance

Hard work pays off: Poms ready to dance

by Madeline Williamson, Editor April 9, 2021

Before the poms season was put on pause, the team had already held tryouts and created a routine.  Riley Johnston said, “We had a small group tryout. It wasn’t anything like we have done in the...

Collage of my favorite parts throughout the show.

Wandavision: A Marvel(ous) spin on classic American sitcoms

by Brayden Gregory and Dalton Markel March 25, 2021

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been known for its blockbuster movies, starting with the first movie, Iron Man, released in 2008. Iron Man served as the start to Phase 1 of the Marvel storyline.  Now...

Atypical, a heartfelt comedy of a teenager Sam who is on the autism spectrum.

NETFLIX Review: Autism is far from “Atypical”

Autism Awareness Day: April 2, 2021
by Leila Gibril, Reporter March 25, 2021

Autism is one of the most misunderstood conditions that people like to think they do understand. People always have an opinion, but most of the time, they have it all wrong, they're just, Typical. It’s...

Emma Nolan, the main character, stands off from the crowd alone as the rest of the group takes all the glory

The Prom (2020): When will LGBTQ+ issues become more than a plot point?

by Jessie Hernandez, Reporter March 24, 2021

Overpriced dress? CHECK. Hair styled? CHECK. Prom-posal poster? CHECK. Code for Google Meet prom? CHECK. FCPS has announced that there will be no proms held this year due to COVID-19 restrictions....

Some of Netflixs most popular shows are exiting the site.

Is a Netflix subscription worth the monthly price?

by Gillian Humphreys and Cameron Pattison January 26, 2021

On average, Americans are spending 8 hours a day streaming TV during quarantine. Many choose to spend this time on Netflix, due to the easy accessibility and ability to binge watch shows.  Since Netflix's...

Many of the soul favorites are pictured above, with stunning animations and characters it is easy to be captivated!

Disney’s Soul jazzes up the afterlife

by Caroline Hobson, Editor January 26, 2021

Heaven?  Hell?  Underworld? Valhalla? Reincarnation? The afterlife and the surrounding beliefs can be an extremely confusing and frightening topic to many. The typical idea of the afterlife surrounds...

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