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Some of Netflixs most popular shows are exiting the site.

Is a Netflix subscription worth the monthly price?

by Gillian Humphreys and Cameron Pattison January 26, 2021

On average, Americans are spending 8 hours a day streaming TV during quarantine. Many choose to spend this time on Netflix, due to the easy accessibility and ability to binge watch shows.  Since Netflix's...

Many of the soul favorites are pictured above, with stunning animations and characters it is easy to be captivated!

Disney’s Soul jazzes up the afterlife

by Caroline Hobson, Editor January 26, 2021

Heaven?  Hell?  Underworld? Valhalla? Reincarnation? The afterlife and the surrounding beliefs can be an extremely confusing and frightening topic to many. The typical idea of the afterlife surrounds...

Book Review:

Book Review: “As Bright as Heaven” reminds readers history is repeating itself

by Mackenzie Berry, Editor January 25, 2021

In 2018, author Susan Meissner released a fictional story about a small family that comes face to face with the Spanish Flu in 1918. Unbeknownst to her, the story would become relevant in 2020 readers'...

Album Review: The Black Keys release 10th anniversary album

Album Review: The Black Keys release 10th anniversary album

by Erica Blockinger, Editor January 24, 2021

“These days'' are getting a lot better because The Black Keys anniversary album was released, and it's certainly “The Only One” I've been thinking about.  The Black Keys are a well known alternative...

Top 5 rap albums of the 2010s

Top 5 rap albums of the 2010s

by Keifer Spore, Managing Editor January 24, 2021

The last decade was an amazing decade for music. Rap has had various artists that have changed the genre throughout these years. Bailey Spore, Joey Dorman, and I came up with our top 5 rap albums of the...

The Bachelor franchise glamorizes unhealthy relationships and promotes them to young viewers.

Love, Lust & Misogyny: Welcome to Bachelor Nation

by Madeline Hull, Managing Editor January 22, 2021

The Bachelor first aired in 2002 and revolves around a single bachelor who spends nine weeks with eligible bachelorettes profess their love, with weekly rose ceremonies that end with a diamond ring. The...

Captain Jean-Luc Piccard outshines Michael Burnham in every comparison.

“Discover” why Star Trek Discovery doesn’t fit the fans’ favorite

by Joshua Barnes, Editor January 11, 2021

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 on CBS continues to be a show full of only action, violence and drama. And in doing so, Discovery has failed to continue the excellence and complexity of the original Star...

All generations can watch the drama and learn the secrets of the Royal Family in

All generations can find entertainment and history in “The Crown”

by Emily Lotito, Managing Editor January 4, 2021

If you haven’t watched the first three seasons of The Crown. You can skip right to Season 4 and not be lost. That’s what I did because I wanted to see what all the December 2020 fuss was about.  Season...

Music Review:  Erica's playlist--the top 10 Songs of 2020

Music Review: Erica’s playlist–the top 10 Songs of 2020

by Erica Blockinger, Editor December 28, 2020

During this year, many artists have blessed us with providing new songs while we were all in quarantine so we didn't lose our minds (completely). With my diverse taste in music, I've compiled a list of...

Evermore gives off the perfect holiday forestry vibes.

Taylor Swift solidifies her witchy ‘reputation’ with “Evermore”

by Joshua Todd, Editor December 28, 2020

Taylor Swift has just released her newest album Evermore on December 11, and fans can't get enough. This album was dropped as an absolute surprise, with the announcement the day before it happened. It...

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