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Community celebrates Class of 2020 with parent-organized “Clap-Out”

A drone captures the graduates gathering at Gaver Farm before the clap out.

by Keifer Spore, Editor

June 9, 2020

Going to school for four years and having an abrupt end without a graduation, prom, or even an official last day was rough on the seniors. Luckily, the caring families of this community did everything that they could to give the students a proper send-off.  Parents created groups on Facebook such as t...

Healthcare workers become unexpected heroes in the age of COVID-19

Frank Apau, Nurse-in-Charge at Holy Cross Hosptial gives a peek inside life as a frontline health giver.

by Maya Apau, Editor

June 8, 2020

Nursing is never routine.  Medicine is full of kicks, turns, and surprises. There is never a moment where hospitals, offices, or practices are empty.  Nursing includes witnessing, caring, grieving and rejoicing. Nursing has become a battlefront, as these heros fight the pandemic of the century...

Windows to the Soul: We adjust to the new normal

As a member of a very large and close family, the Beam family, like many others, is experiencing the hardships of being separated from their extended family members while in quarantine.

by Dana Kullgren and Lancer Media staff

May 15, 2020

"Just leave me alone!" When wishes come true, suddenly being alone is not what we thought.  Zoom much?  Talk to your friends from one car to the other?  Spend a lot of time looking at the outside from your bedroom window?  For many, the prison-like experience has us re-thinking just how much we...

Life on Pause: We settle into a routine during COVID-19

8:00 a.m.: Dana Kullgren uses her garage to work on a project for her art class during the stay-at-home order.

by Dana Kullgren and Lancer Media Staff

May 3, 2020

While all Americans are searching for coping strategies to handle boredom, stress, anxiety, and fear, teens are also managing to study and participate in learning.  Labled "Continuity of Instruction," Frederick County Public Schools expects students and teachers to continue to complete meaningful lessons....

Student workers risk Covid-19 while keeping economy steady

Braden Weinel cuts a pizza at work while wearing a face mask during the Covid-19 outbreak.

by Braden Weinel, Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2020

The days are routine:  wake up late, video games, exercise, take a nap, talk to friends. Students in Frederick County, Maryland have been conducting distance learning from the comfort of their homes for more than a month. Many students, however, are taking on extra shifts and working longer ho...

COVID-19 Rough cut: Families set up barber chairs in kitchens, bathrooms and patios

Alex Kullgren gets his hair cut by his father, Jonathan Kullgren, in a bathtub during quarantine. Social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in many people choosing to cut their hair at home.

by Bailey Spore, Editor-In-Chief

April 28, 2020

Who doesn't love the feeling of getting poked with scissors, hair ripped out of their heads, and stabbed with a comb while getting a haircut? This is actually an act of love and desperation. No one loves a home haircut, but, unfortunately, with everyone locked down due to COVID-19, people can't get profession...

“Sew” necessary: It’s time to make masks to help control spread of Covid-19

Jessica Young is sewing face masks to donate to FMH.

by Jessica Young, Reporter

April 14, 2020

Remember when a mask used to be a refreshing skin treatment, a scary Halloween costume, or a Mardi Gras party accessory? Before March 2020, no one would be likely to wear them in public. Some people would be afraid or even anxious just seeing people outside with a mask on.  In addition to time on...

Netflix’s ‘On My Block’ Review: “When are we ever just gonna get to be normal teenagers?”

On My Block season 3 poster. from left to right- Jamine, Cesar, Ruby, Jamal, and Monse

by Emily McNally, Editor

April 10, 2020

On my block, we are all in our houses, waiting for this national disaster to pass.  While we are waiting, a great escape is Netflix's original series, On My Block. On My Block  follows the life of a high school friend group: Ruby (Jason Genao), the small but mighty. He’s the brains of the crew. Monse (Si...

One Tribe: Lancer seniors stay positive through COVID-19

Grace and Alaina worry they will wear graduation robes only for photo shoots.

by Grace Gaydosh and Alaina Burger

April 3, 2020

For the seniors, this school year seemed to be a series of losses.  Linganore High School’s class of 2020 lost the spirit stick during the Homecoming Spirit Week. They lost their last football state championship game as well. Now, due to COVID-19, they might lose prom, graduation, and their last su...

York builds dream home from ashes of holiday fire

The remainders of the York family home have now been torn down and the contractors are ready to start the rebuilding process.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor-in-Chief

March 10, 2020

Mary Jo York, retired special education teacher and current clerical assistant, is building her dream home--an exact replica of the one that burned in a Christmas nightmare. On December 25, 2019, York experienced a life-changing event that most people can't imagine.  It had been a regular Christmas morning for ...

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