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Alyssa Pizer uses the popular LED lights to give her bedroom a glow.

Pandemic makeover: These four walls need a fresh look

From rearranging bedrooms to installing new amenities, rooms and houses have been getting a new “pandemic makeover.”
by Alyssa Pizer and Chloe Little April 24, 2021

Imagine going from being out to sitting at home all day every day. Looking around every day to the room you are now spending all your time in, would you be happy with what it looks like?  A lot of...

A collage of some of the best moments of the show, iCarly.

iCan’t believe iCarly is back: Join me in a random dance!

"Warning: if you fall asleep, the school is not responsible for anything Sam Puckett might draw on your forehead"
by Emily McNally, Managing Editor April 22, 2021

5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. A show that most kids my age have grown up watching. Something that we all could rely on to make us laugh.  What’s better than watching two hilarious best friends, Carly...

Earth Day 2021: Lancer Media explores Common Market’s efforts in sustainability

by Audrey Kilgore, Editor April 21, 2021

Earth Day is one day a year to focus on the environment and how to protect it, but it is not enough to care about how we are treating the environment on just one day. In this podcast, a Frederick sustainability...

National English Honor Society invites members to share in a socially distanced chalk poetry event.

Gallery: Poetry on the Sidewalk event inspires pandemic positivity

by Leah Bolger, Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2021

On April 8, 2021, the National English Honor Society hosted an outdoor and socially distanced sidewalk chalk poetry event. There was also an option for the members to create poetry art from the comfort...

Hard work pays off: Poms ready to dance

Hard work pays off: Poms ready to dance

by Madeline Williamson, Editor April 9, 2021

Before the poms season was put on pause, the team had already held tryouts and created a routine.  Riley Johnston said, “We had a small group tryout. It wasn’t anything like we have done in the...

Poms has entered the field and is beginning to start their halftime dance. The Marching Band gets their time to shine and play the national anthem.

We’re Back! Band and poms return for short season

by Nicholas Condrasky and Madeline Williamson April 9, 2021

The smell of fresh salty pretzels, hearing students yell with pride at the top of their lungs and the feeling of unity is a part of what makes “Friday Night Lights” so special. But what is missing...

Darren Hornbeck's 9/11 class looks less crowded, but mostly the same--what you don't see is the 15+ students on the Google Meet.

What are teachers doing to help students during virtual/hybrid learning?

by Ryan Dorsey, Reporter March 25, 2021

Teachers are bending themselves into pretzels to accommodate students during virtual/hybrid learning as COVID has greatly impacted learning and teaching. All students spend at least three days a week...

Women's History Month leads to celebrate all the amazing sheros.

March Women’s History Month: Who is your #shero

by Sammie Hoefs, Editor-in-Chief March 24, 2021

March is Womens History Month, first established by President Jimmy Carter in the 1970's, celebrates women's contributions to our United States.  Who are the women who inspire us? Who are your...

Video: A beginner’s guide to building your own PC

by Patrick Chamoun, Reporter March 24, 2021

Using technology rules the GenZ life. The intrigue of building computers has spread proportionally.  Starting the project is the biggest hurdle:  How do I know what to do? In this video I detail...

Oakley poses in adorable basket when he was a puppy.

Raining cats and dogs! Do pandemic puppies and quarantine cats develop separation anxiety?

When my dad was walking in downtown New Market and saw Ginger in the window at the K.A.T. Cafe we knew it was meant to be -Sierra Rossman
by Emily McNally, Managing Editor March 22, 2021

What’s furry, sleeps on your bed, and sometimes barks a little too loud? A pandemic puppy--the cuddly, loving animal that everyone has needed this past year. Maybe your family adopted a cat. Being...

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