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The student news site of Linganore High School

The Lance

The student news site of Linganore High School

The Lance

Astrological zodiac signs within the universe and their corresponding constellations from Andreas Cellarius’s Atlas Coelestis of 1660.

What’s your sign? We love our horoscopes–even if we don’t believe in them!

by Audrey Kilgore, Leeda Djourshari, and Alexa Waser December 21, 2021

It's your birthday. Your horoscope app predicts doom and gloom if you leave your house. Taurus: Think slowly today--and think three times before making any decisions. Staying in bed is probably your...

Paralympian Hannah McFadden climbs her way to the top

by Mia Lucas, Reporter December 20, 2021

In this podcast, Hannah McFadden will speak about her career, the importance of fun in sports, her future, and the best part about being an athlete. McFadden's life has figuratively (and literally)...

Audrey Kilgore, a future Lancer, exploring the original Linganore High
school structure and its signature spirit symbols before it was demolished and rebuilt.

Native American Heritage Month: What lies beneath our school identity and spirit?

by Audrey Kilgore, Editor November 3, 2021

Picture the packed stands of the Linganore stadium filled with spirited students wearing spear-emblazoned shirts, participating in celebratory “tribal” calls, and spreading a “one tribe” spirit. Now...

Ceramics 2 students work on their 6-8 inch taller than wide project.

Ceramics blends hands-on learning and mindfulness

by Marissa DePalma, Editor November 1, 2021

A fresh block of clay just waiting to be cut, the smell of the kiln and the freshly fired pieces, the sound of the pottery wheels spinning, and all the creative possibilities, all in ceramics class.  The...

My older brother and I on our first trip to Greece.

My Greek Family: Reconnecting and keeping culture alive for the next generation

by Alexa Waser, Reporter October 29, 2021

"It was easier to blend in, adopt a palatable Midwestern identity, and just completely ignore your cultural background," said Belinda Cai  in an article about her Chinese-American identity. Today,...

Amber McCauley teaches bodiversity with Jenga

Amber McCauley teaches bodiversity with Jenga

by Emma Henry , Reporter October 28, 2021

Science teacher Mrs. Amber McCauley is one teacher that makes learning possible. She takes each grade level and figures out a planner to make sure each student in those classes learn the best way possible. She...

Look at that wrinkle in my tire: makes me love the smell of rubber.

Ready, Set, Go!: A look inside drag racing

by Emma Henry , Reporter October 12, 2021

When most kids are just learning to ride a bike, the children in my family were in junior dragsters, driving as “slow” as 45 mph in 11.90 seconds. By the time I was 13, I was regularly driving 85...

Sophomore Dalton’s Dimmick’s grand champion computer graphics entry into the Community Show was made entirely with his own imagination. “We were learning to use the Pen Tool, different swatches, and the Free Transform Tools in Adobe Illustrator,” Dimmick said. Even though he’s only in Computer Graphics 1, this piece makes it clear he has a great future ahead of him in the course.

The 47th annual community show entries create a local buzz

by Kiefer Ely, Eric Simonson, and Makyla DeVries October 7, 2021

From October 4 to 5, the 47th annual Linganore-New Market Community Show showcased individuals skills and accomplishments. From floral arrangements to animal showcases, there is a place for...

How does the band achieve perfection? Its simple, dedication to each individual detail. Standing in formation, marching with a roll step, and attending hours of band practice are just a few key steps that help them reach greatness.

Getting the band back together: The “Cinematic Universe” transforms marching experience

by Caroline Hobson, Editor in Chief September 30, 2021

  Between band camp, running through shows, extra long practices, and Friday night football games. The Linganore Marching Band and Color Guard march to the tune of their own drums (and other...

The hill painting is the first event in the celebration of homecoming week.

Spray paint, grass and school spirit: Painting the hill for homecoming kicks off the week

by Mia Lucas, Reporter September 30, 2021

Have some spray paint?  Want a chance to make graffiti without getting in trouble?  Hill painting for homecoming is just the ticket. The hill paintings are a long time tradition, and they...

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