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Lancer Media: December 1, 2020
by Drama Department • December 2, 2020

YEARBOOK NEWS: Attention Seniors: If you were unable to get your senior picture taken at school, please send in a formal portrait to be included in the senior section--DUE...

Lancer Media: November 23rd, 2020
by Drama Department • November 23, 2020

Yearbook NEEDS YOU! Here are NEW topics we need pictures for: College Sport Commitment--send a picture in your college tee or sweatshirt Students participating/preparing...

Lancer Media: November 16th, 2020
by Drama Department • November 22, 2020

HUGH O'BRIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (HOBY) Each year a Linganore High School sophomore is selected to join other sophomores from high schools across the state as a HOBY...

Scenes from return to play: FCPS sports resume under limitations
by Abbey Sovero, Reporter • November 26, 2020

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2 7v7 Games play at Utica Park.
Local soccer 7v7 league gives outlet to high school soccer players with no fall season
by Collin Grover, Reporter • October 26, 2020

Frederick County soccer teams have started the SALSA (School Area League for Soccer Athletes) league. The SALSA league is a 7v7 soccer league for Frederick County soccer players...

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Album Review: Tucker Pillsbury might be your next ROLE MODEL
by Madeline Hull, Managing Editor • November 27, 2020

Performing under the name ROLE MODEL, Tucker Pillsbury released his newest six-single EP on October 23, 2020 under Interscope Records, who has managed more well-known names...

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A brief showcase of these new consoles
Xbox Series X vs PS5: Which console has the best vision for gamers?
by Matt Nyandjo, Reporter • November 26, 2020

During the last 7 years, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were the main consoles for gaming. These consoles helped to create many memories that the gaming community will never...

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A small pack of credits in popular first person shooter, Rainbow Six. Siege, which will set you back $5.
In-game purchases: Money for cosmetic improvement wasteful
by Jordan Grab, Reporter • November 26, 2020

In-game purchases have always been prominent in video games.  From cosmetics to gadgets and abilities, money can acquire many items in each video game.  Although to some,...

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Rehearsals don
Help Desk: Drama department flexes acting muscles with virtual play
by Mackenzie Berry, Editor • November 5, 2020

“Unless you’re a booth techie, don’t touch your mic pack!”  “You should never be in the catwalks messing with lighting unless you have been given specific permission.” “You...

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Is 80 minutes too much time to be in virtual class or just enough?
Long Google Meets: Do they crush or help student learning?
by Emily Lotito, Managing Editor • November 30, 2020

Burning eyes, stiff neck, and wandering attention. Eighty minutes can seem like five hours when students are in a Google Meet. While sixty minute Meets were do-able, 80 minutes...

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The Electoral College, give the vote back to the people.
Undemocratic, Outdated, Useless: The Electoral College must go
by Emily McNally, Managing Editor • November 26, 2020

If you are old enough to vote in the presidential election, you probably think that you’re voting for the president directly. Heads up: the people don’t elect the president:...

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