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People often lose track of their New Years resolutions because they create so many.

New Year, New Me! Are New Year’s resolutions pointless?

by Jenna Fountain, Reporter January 10, 2023

The clock strikes midnight, the ball drops and people around the room cheer and celebrate the beginning of yet another year.  A huge part of any New Year’s celebration are New Year’s resolutions....

The outside of Firebirds, lights up the streets of Frederick.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill brings a ‘fire’ new restaurant to Frederick

by Chase Breck, Reporter January 9, 2023

Firebirds is a new restaurant in Frederick that opened on December 12, and it has already attracted a lot of attention and excitement from patrons of the Montgomery County location and new customers alike. When...

These are the words that represent the holiday of Christmas the most.

Does Christmas deserve a day or a month of celebrating?

by Patrick Lyons, Reporter January 9, 2023

With Christmas just around the corner, the rush of shopping, wrapping and decorating commences.  As most know, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, with many different activities...

A graphic shows an edited depiction of Shakespeare alongside the text Is Shakespeare worth teaching?

Should Shakespeare take a step back from the spotlight?

by Izabella Manning, Editor January 6, 2023

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” These words have been droned into English students' heads countless times for decades. In fact, “Romeo and Juliet” has become such a prominent play...

Lancer Podcast: NFL Talk

by Gabe Erb and Daniel Gelhard January 4, 2023

In this podcast, sophomore Daniel Gelhard and junior Gabriel Erb discuss the history and future of two NFL quarterbacks,  Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson.  After 13 weeks with the Carolina Panthers,...

2022 has been a year with a lot of great music. Some of the best albums relased this year include (from left to right) Harrys House, Being Funny In a Forgien Language, Saturno, Midnights, The Car and Caprisongs.

Top ten albums of 2022

by Alexa Waser, Editor December 25, 2022

2022 is the first year since the pandemic in which the music industry has been in full swing. With so many releases, tours and festivals this year, it can be hard to keep track of just how many albums...

As Christmas is approaching these are the best 10 songs to add to your Christmas playlist.

Top 10 Christmas songs of all time

by Faith Kyere, Reporter December 20, 2022

“Winter Wonderland” Felix Bernard & Richard B. Smith As part of Michael Bublé’s “Christmas” album released in 2011, this song cover represents a frosty paradise. With jazzy tunes,...

An edited image depicts Eternals character Kingo shooting laser beams from his fingers and Thor altered to resemble a toddler with a pacifier and a crayon in lieu of his axe. Reflecting the poor quality of their respective movie

The Disappointing MCU Multiverse Saga

by Nick Killway, Editor December 13, 2022

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has always been a model for interconnected movies. The Infinity Saga comes with a very long storyline that extends across 23 movies and ends  with Avengers Endgame.  Since...

Beauty standards in part revolve around the use of a variety of cosmetics on different facial features.

The Truth Behind Beauty

by Katherine Lopez, Reporter December 11, 2022

Beauty standards today are very surprising. Society expects girls to be thin and have fair skin, a small nose and high cheekbones. Of course not everyone can live up to this standard. Not only is this...

Netflix is failing to appeal to many watchers, causing them to lose subscribers.

The fall of Netflix: Is Netflix slowly destroying themselves?

by Faith Kyere, Reporter December 9, 2022

Netflix, the supposed best streaming service, has been falling behind in recent years. Their outdated library causes subscribers to find themselves spending more time scrolling through their feed than...

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