The Lance

Seniors learn to navigate on their own to make the best of their senior year.

#PandemicClassof2021: Courageous seniors make the best of their final year

“When I was your age, I lived through a pandemic.”
by Sammie Hoefs, Editor-in-Chief March 3, 2021

Seniors walk a little taller--they know the “ins and outs” of the high school.  It’s their time to be in charge--only they’re not.  Pandemic fears, rules, and virtual learning dictate much of...

Courtesy of Jessie Hernandez. A four-panel comic showcasing how each of the grades are doing as a result of many high school traditions and events being canceled, and just the reaction of how this year has started. The freshmen are wild and crazy, the sophomores are stuck being freshmen, the juniors are tired, and the seniors are depressed.

Four classes, one pandemic: Ongoing battle for the biggest pity party

by Jessie Hernandez and Leila Gibril March 2, 2021

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all fighting for the gold medal of pity. Class presidents are trying to build school spirit, and the new school principal amidst all this has to get to know...

Amanda Gorman: With inspirational words, young poet shines bright at presidential inauguration

by Maya Apau, Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2021

PHENOMENAL WOMAN Poet and author, 22-year-old Amanda Gorman resembles the late legend Maya Angelou through her figures of speech. As Gorman speaks she has a bold yet gracious presence that floods the...

Students' bitmojis capture the different sports that will occur across the 6-week seasons.

Shorter sports seasons: Worth the effort–or total bust?

Six-week schedule gives athletes a sense of normalcy.
by Leah Bolger and Jamie Donohue March 1, 2021

On a September night, hundreds of fans sit in the bleachers of the stadium. The air is warm and smells of hot dogs, soft pretzels, and team spirit. As the game begins, players and fans are excited to scream...

Winter sports are starting back up January 25.

Hopes and dreams crushed: Losing sports season more than physical letdown

by Emily Lotito, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

Unless you have made Tik Toks of yourself dribbling the basketball and have millions of followers, my guess is you are not being actively recruited to a Division I school. With Covid-19 taking over...

The year of waiting...

The terrible weight of waiting: Will this hybrid plan fix anything?

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

The coronavirus first broke out in March of 2020. Now, it’s almost a year later in 2021 and cases are skyrocketing. Even with a vaccine approaching, thousands of people test positive every single day.  And...

Valentine's Day emphasizes healthy teen relationships

Valentine’s Day emphasizes healthy teen relationships

by Lexli Nicholas, Reporter January 25, 2021

With Valentine's Day, and every day, it’s important to talk about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Violence in relationships is a wide-spread issue. From married adults to...

Neftflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Video, and Hulu are some of the most popular streaming services out there. Yet, there are still so many other options.

Streaming Services: How to choose the best

by Ashley Nash, Managing Editor January 25, 2021

Everyone seems to have so many streaming services, yet somehow there’s times when I can’t find anything to watch or what I want to watch I can’t find anywhere. With so many streaming service options...

My Bitmoji Pointing out to take a Dual Enrollment class on the FCPS Course guide Packet.

Advice from a senior: What would I do differently?

by Rachel McCoy, Managing Editor January 24, 2021

"I wish I had taken more AP classes. I wish I had tried a little harder. I wish I had joined the anime club. I wish I would have talked more in class." These are all words I've heard from my senior...

The stock market: Why should teens start investing now?

The stock market: Why should teens start investing now?

by Jordan Grab, Reporter January 23, 2021

Investing in the stock market is something most students only hear mentioned in Financial Literacy class, even though it is one of the most opportunistic parts of the economy.  Recently, after hearing...

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