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Hanlon holds the school doors open for students in the mornings.

School Principal’s Day 2021: Hanlon marks first year leading LHS

by Nikki Golemboski and Alex Dembeck May 19, 2021

The click of Principal Cindy Hanlon’s heels as she confidently moves through the hallways is becoming a familiar and identifiable sound to teachers and students, as they get to know her better beyond...

Haskins and Thompson fill and hide eggs at participant's house before Easter.

Senior moms take over prom for the Class of ‘21

by Sarah Webb, Reporter April 22, 2021
Seniors will enjoy a glimpse of the Northern Lights at Gaver Farm.

Video: Inconceivable! Free breakfast, lunch, and supper for all

When I say FREE, you say lunch! Visit the cafeteria for your free meal.
by Leah Bolger, Editor-in-Chief March 22, 2021

At the end of the day, staff thrusts free take home meals into the hands of students headed for buses and cars. In fact, every meal is free.  Frederick County Public Schools are currently serving free...

Junior varsity player, Katie Heely going in for the spike during practice.

Volleyball expects short, but powerful winning season

There have been some struggles with Covid and figuring out how to play while dealing with restrictions, but the girls are eager to finally get out and play.
by Brynne McKinney and Alyssa Pizer March 2, 2021

The team stands staggered in their playing positions ready to spike the ball across the net. The audience was limited to parents and faces covered with masks. The volleyball season in 2021 is looking a...

Freshman Lindsey Jonas and Juniors Emily Jonas and Mary Bailey drop off canned food while picking up school supplies for the new semester.

SGA holds a canned-food drive during materials return event

by Alexis Rich, Guest Reporter February 9, 2021

Like other pandemic activities, returning books and materials isn't easy during an all-virtual first semester. But when giving is part of the process, and helping out the community by bringing bags of...

5 year old Emily McNally plays in the snow on her day off.

New protocol for snow days leaves me to watch my childhood flurry away

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor December 18, 2020

I remember the excitement of waking up to see schools are closed because of the snow. And I remember trying to add luck to canceling school the night before.  December Forecast: Chance of snow, ice...

These are screenshots from School Connect lessons taught by Coach Rudy.

Could Social Emotional Learning shape our generation?

"It sincerely comes from a place of trying to help kids." --Coach Rudy
by Rachel McCoy, Managing Editor November 5, 2020

In the jar of our lives with limited time, are the rocks your priority or are the little beans eating up your time? This strange year has really shown what is most important in life, like family, friends,...

We need a vaccine as soon as possible, but fears about vaccines create additional worries.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Which is the greater risk? Getting sick or getting the vaccine?

"I don’t want to be a test monkey because I don’t want to risk anything going wrong."
by Matt Nyandjo, Reporter October 28, 2020

In the early months of 2020, the COVID-19  pandemic has ruined the lives of those all over the world. The virus has closed down stores, businesses, schools, and many public facilities. If you think we...

Minority students at LHS explained that they deal with these negative experiences on a daily basis.

Still I Rise: African American Culture Club teaches lessons about racism to staff

"Any one experience of racism is one experience too many.” --Beth Ericsson, science teacher.
by Maya Apau, Editor May 11, 2020

**This is Part I of a series of stories featuring the African American experience in a suburban Maryland high school. As African American students in a predominantly Caucasian school, there are multitude...

Emily Webb and Ethan Hart consult on how to spell a word in the second round.

What’s all the buzz about the spelling bee?

by Bailey Bennett, Reporter March 11, 2020

Can you spell “Scherenschnitte” (the German art of cutting paper with scissors)?  If you are a member of the winning spelling teams, NEHS and Academic teams, maybe! On February 27, the NEHS held...

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