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Shahmeer Chaudhry hopes to become a pilot. He has learned most of his skills from a flight simulator where he trains in realistic conditions, including the cockpit/flight deck, the plane type and current weather conditions.

Lancer Spotlight: Chaudhry practices flight simulation to prepare for pilot future

by Liam Sterling, Reporter February 4, 2021

Freshman Shameer Chaudhry dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot--specifically, he plans to work one day for Southwest Airlines. Unlike many teens, he is determined--and he practices every day. ...

Habig after his check ride examiner told him he passed.

Lancer Spotlight: Math teacher plans USAF career

by Abbey Sovero, Reporter January 26, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of flying planes? For first year math teacher Collin Habig that dream is becoming a reality. Habig earned his private pilot license in August 2019, after working toward it for...

Winter sports are starting back up January 25.

Hopes and dreams crushed: Losing sports season more than physical letdown

by Emily Lotito, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

Unless you have made Tik Toks of yourself dribbling the basketball and have millions of followers, my guess is you are not being actively recruited to a Division I school. With Covid-19 taking over...

Some of Netflixs most popular shows are exiting the site.

Is a Netflix subscription worth the monthly price?

by Gillian Humphreys and Cameron Pattison January 26, 2021

On average, Americans are spending 8 hours a day streaming TV during quarantine. Many choose to spend this time on Netflix, due to the easy accessibility and ability to binge watch shows.  Since Netflix's...

The year of waiting...

The terrible weight of waiting: Will this hybrid plan fix anything?

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

The coronavirus first broke out in March of 2020. Now, it’s almost a year later in 2021 and cases are skyrocketing. Even with a vaccine approaching, thousands of people test positive every single day.  And...

Mrs. Kirkland’s Backpacking Adventure to the Himalayas: An escape from stress and time with friends

Mrs. Kirkland’s Backpacking Adventure to the Himalayas: An escape from stress and time with friends

by Ashlyn Martin, Reporter January 25, 2021

Imagine going to the Himalayas for 8 days with your best friend and seeing monkeys, cows, sheeps, llamas, and donkeys. Crazy right?  Linganore High School English teacher, Mrs. Kirkland was able to...

Book Review: As Bright as Heaven reminds readers history is repeating itself

Book Review: “As Bright as Heaven” reminds readers history is repeating itself

by Mackenzie Berry, Editor January 25, 2021

In 2018, author Susan Meissner released a fictional story about a small family that comes face to face with the Spanish Flu in 1918. Unbeknownst to her, the story would become relevant in 2020 readers'...

Valentines Day emphasizes healthy teen relationships

Valentine’s Day emphasizes healthy teen relationships

by Lexli Nicholas, Reporter January 25, 2021

With Valentine's Day, and every day, it’s important to talk about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Violence in relationships is a wide-spread issue. From married adults to...

Neftflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Video, and Hulu are some of the most popular streaming services out there. Yet, there are still so many other options.

Streaming Services: How to choose the best

by Ashley Nash, Managing Editor January 25, 2021

Everyone seems to have so many streaming services, yet somehow there’s times when I can’t find anything to watch or what I want to watch I can’t find anywhere. With so many streaming service options...

Album Review: The Black Keys release 10th anniversary album

Album Review: The Black Keys release 10th anniversary album

by Erica Blockinger, Editor January 24, 2021

“These days'' are getting a lot better because The Black Keys anniversary album was released, and it's certainly “The Only One” I've been thinking about.  The Black Keys are a well known alternative...

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