Streaming Services: How to choose the best


Rachel McCoy

Neftflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Video, and Hulu are some of the most popular streaming services out there. Yet, there are still so many other options.

by Ashley Nash, Managing Editor

Everyone seems to have so many streaming services, yet somehow there’s times when I can’t find anything to watch or what I want to watch I can’t find anywhere.

With so many streaming service options one would think that finding a movie or television show for free would be easy. It’s not–nothing is free these days! 

“Netflix is my favorite streaming service because it has the most popular and best shows to watch. Netflix is adding new shows all the time,” said Jake Orlando, Class of 2021.

 Netflix: Netflix starts at $8.99 per month for one screen, then increases to $13.99 for two screens, and $17.99 for four screens.  

Netflix prices seem to increase all the time, most likely because they are increasing their production of new Netflix exclusive shows and they need money to do that.

Netflix is seeming to be taking down older shows, like Gossip Girl, The Office, Friends, and many more. They are being replaced with new Netflix series. All of the new shows I’ve watched are very good, like Bridgerton and Julie and the Phantoms, but most there’s only one season. With only one season that means the wait for another is extremely long since filming is slowed due to COVID. Another show worth mentioning is Derry Girls; I loved this show, but sadly there is only two seasons and each season only has six episodes.

Netflix gives the option of Shuffle Play. When selecting shuffle play Netflix will pick a show or movie based on what you’ve recently watched.

Looking for older more nostalgic shows? Netflix isn’t the best option.

Senior Riley Johnston said, “My favorite streaming service is Hulu because they have a lot more to offer than other services. Hulu always has great shows to watch and they release shows that just aired the night before. They also have a huge selection, so there is something for everyone.” 

Hulu has a few different options. Regular Hulu is $5.99 a month and without ads is $11.99. They also have the option of Hulu and Live TV, per month it’s $64.99 and without ads is $70.99.

I don’t use Hulu much, but when I do I hate having to watch the ads. Watching ads has become the worst thing ever. Sometimes the ads only last for about 30 seconds, but other times they can last over two minutes. If ads aren’t bothersome then go for the cheaper option.

Another way to get Hulu is through a Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN bundle, which is $18.99 a month. Disney Plus alone is $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, saving $13.89. Disney Plus is definitely a streaming service everyone should have.

My favorite thing about Disney Plus is the option of group watch. A viewer can select any movie or tv show on Disney Plus and watch it at the same time with six other users. When the “host” of the stream pauses, plays, or fast-forwards everyone else’s does too. Another feature is that viewers can send a few emoticons to the group. This is a very nice feature because people are unable to be with their friends and family.

One downside is that all viewers must have Disney Plus to watch.

“I like the group watch because it allows friends to watch a movie or television show together, and everyone can talk about the scenes through text,” said senior Sammie Hoefs.

Another option is Amazon Video. If you have Amazon Prime you also have Amazon Video. Prime is $119 per year or $13 per month. 

My favorite show on Amazon Video is Psych. It’s not a new show but it’s so hilarious. It reminds me of Criminal Minds but much more easy-going and silly.

LHS Parent Sharyn Green said, “I have Netflix and Hulu, and I have them because of my children. I think Netflix should stop taking away movies that everyone loves and stop increasing their prices.”

In a Lancer Media poll 70% said that Netflix is their favorite streaming service over Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Video.

If you had the cheapest versions of Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon video the cost would be $428.75 per year and $35.73 per month. That is a hefty cost so make sure your choosing the service that has the most of what you want to watch.

With everyone being home more due to the pandemic, purchasing a streaming service is a good idea. The best option for getting the latest shows and movies is Netflix. The cost effective is Amazon Video, because it comes with Amazon Prime. Overall I think the two best streaming services are Netflix and Disney Plus.