Is a Netflix subscription worth the monthly price?


Erich Miller

Some of Netflixs most popular shows are exiting the site.

by Gillian Humphreys and Cameron Pattison

On average, Americans are spending 8 hours a day streaming TV during quarantine. Many choose to spend this time on Netflix, due to the easy accessibility and ability to binge watch shows. 

Since Netflix’s release to the public as a streaming service in 2007, shows and movies have been cycling in and out of the website. Over the years, the service has grown, and in February 2013, Netflix started to produce their own original content. First, Netflix produced the series Lilyhammer and after that followed House of Cards which received major Emmy nominations. 

The year of quarantine has grown the Netflix fan base.  In 2020, some of Netflix’s most popular shows were Ozark, Tiger King, Dead to Me, and Outer Banks

There was an explosion of Tiger King and Carole Baskin memes and jokes.

Although Netflix is frequently adding new options to their website, they are also removing, cycling, and cancelling previous content, and viewers are disappointed.

With the constant cycle of content on Netflix, is it worth keeping a subscription?

For some shows and movies, especially original content, Netflix is the only way to access them. When Netflix cancels or removes these shows and movies it can be very frustrating to fans.

According to INSIDER’s Kim Renfro, Just in 2020, Netflix cancelled 18 of their original series. Fourteen of the series only went on for a single season. Some of the shows that were cancelled in 2020 are Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Altered Carbon, Spinning Out, Anne with an E, and Bojack Horseman.

By cancelling shows while they are still fresh, Netflix is not doing what is in their viewers’ best interest. The viewers grow to love these shows and when they get their hopes up for a Season 2 just to find out it’s cancelled for good. Everything Sucks, Daybreak, Spinning Out,  and I Am Not Okay With This were just some of the many original series that subscribers loved that were cancelled after one season. 

We liked Bojack Horseman, and the way Season 6 ended, it was already complete, but we had hoped for more.  Maybe, in this case, the story had played out to the end already.

Besides the cancellation and removal of content, Netflix has also increased the prices of their subscriptions which contributes to the question subscribers have.

Netflix has three monthly plans. The first option is basic which is $8.99 a month. The second plan is standard which is $12.99 a month. The last option is premium which is $17.99 a month.  Standard and Premium increased by a dollar each. The higher the subscription, the higher quality the picture of the shows and movies are. Also, with standard you can stream on two different screens compared to basics one. With premium you can stream on four different screens. 

In 2021, many shows and movies will be leaving Netflix. Some are Gossip Girl, The Notebook, The Office, and Waco. These are just a few of many, but these leaving could be a dealbreaker for subscribers. 

Shows like Friends and The Office, which have both been removed from Netflix, are comfort shows to many. Many people turn to these shows when they need a pick-me-up or a laugh, but once they’re removed, it’s not as easy for people to reach them when they need to.

With all of these changes to Netflix, should you keep a subscription?

Although it may be frustrating to see great shows and movies go, there are still great movies and series right at the tip of your fingers while using Netflix. For the price of only one movie ticket a month, a Netflix subscription is almost a necessity during quarantine.