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Jessie Hernandez

Jessie Hernandez, Reporter

Jessie Hernandez (@jxhernandez18)  is a member of the Class of 2021. Jessie exploring many clubs and opportunities since freshman year, from the anime club, to the creative writing club, the coloring club, and even the journalism club at one point drawing comics for the school newspaper.

Since the 2019-2020 school year, Jessie has been part of the GSA club and found her community there. Jessie is a member of the National Honor Society.

Jessie also enjoys playing guitar, painting, and watching b-rated movies with her mom. Her favorite colors are purple and pink.

After graduation, Jessie plans to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), working in the honors program. Jessie has no clue what she wants to do in her future career; however, she is interested in forensics and true-crime.

Outside of the school, Jessie has been a Girl Scout ever since she was in kindergarten. In the future, Jessie can still see herself doing volunteer work as it has always been a big part of her life through Girl Scouts. Jessie's favorite place to volunteer is the Frederick County Animal Control Rescue Center. Her one goal in life is to be able to have a whole room to herself just to paint in and relax.

Jessie always loves to give her opinion, when there is an opportunity that is, and she always enjoys leaving comments on people's social media posts to engage with people and start a conversation. She also enjoys hearing what other people's opinions are and how they may differ drastically or barely to her own. Sometimes those comments get her into online debates or arguments; however, Jessie thinks it is important to remember that people will always disagree.

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Jessie Hernandez