Video: Inconceivable! Free breakfast, lunch, and supper for all

When I say FREE, you say lunch! Visit the cafeteria for your free meal.

Leah Bolger

by Leah Bolger, Editor-in-Chief

At the end of the day, staff thrusts free take home meals into the hands of students headed for buses and cars. In fact, every meal is free. 

Frederick County Public Schools are currently serving free breakfast, lunch, and a take home meal for supper. FCPS recognizes that many families have struggled financially throughout this year and are bringing some peace to mind with this free meal distribution. 

In this video, the free lunch is examined to show students what is available for lunch. 

Giovanni Fuentes, a member of the class of 2021, shared his opinion on the free lunch.

Lunch ladies, Barbara Cox and Cathy Wright, informed of the difficulties and successes of this change. 

But why and how exactly are these meals free? 

Barbara Cox, manager of Linganore’s kitchen, shared information regarding the specifics from this program. 

Cox said, “Farm and usual operations of lunches normally are run under the guidelines of the National School lunch program (free and reduced lunch falls under those guidelines). This program is not operating as of now. It will return when things return to normal. As of right now, we are operating under the USDA, which has approved free meals for all children 18 years old and younger.

Cox also said, “Some of the items we offer for breakfast are donuts, cereal bars, muffins, and benefit bars and more. Some lunch items are chicken patty sandwiches, spicy chicken patty sandwiches, cheeseburgers, pizza, grilled chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers and a lot more items. Supper items are Gen Tso Chicken with rice,  grilled cheese sandwiches,  Mini corn dogs with macaroni and cheese, stuffed sandwiches, steak and cheese pinwheels and turkey pepperoni pinwheels plus a lot more items.”

This Free Lunch program has already benefited many lives and has come to relieve the stress of this past year. Students, take advantage of these meals by visiting Ms. Cox and Mrs. Wright in the kitchen!