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High school students vs coronavirus expert: What are the myths? What are the facts?

Students talk with infectious disease and coronavirus expert Dr. James Lawler on the facts and fiction of coronavirus.
January 14, 2021

When the deadly spread of a virus comes to mind, many think of nursing homes, hospitals, and people over the age of 70 being the ones responsible for the recent spikes in cases. But what if experts and...

Lancer Spotlight: Jones overcomes the struggles of learning how to teach during virtual learning

With many schools transitioning to a virtual platform, interns not only have to learn how to be a teacher, but also how to work the technology to do so.
January 5, 2021

Becoming a teacher is a dream for many students across the nation, but how do you learn how to teach virtually? Internships have been the source of anxiety for many students because of the restrictions...

Smooch Studio keeps customers safe through pandemic

Nicole Knight, Kendra Knight, Kelsey Bowen, and Elise Olszanowski,  stand outside of Smooch to show how they are staying safe!
"I just keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel!" - Nicole Knight
January 4, 2021

Social distancing, capacity restrictions, and financial struggles have wiped out many small businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. The ones remaining struggle to stay on their feet.  Larger...

Open Letter to FCPS: Pressure to open schools foolish in pandemic

Madeline Hull sitting at her school desk from home, thinking about the dangers of going back to school.
January 4, 2021

Dear Frederick County Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Alban: I am a junior in high school, not a professional in health care, but I could give you some reasons why going back to school in...

Good-bye 2020: Remembering the best of the worst year

A photo collage of what we think are the best events that happen in 2020.
December 30, 2020

With all the bad news in 2020, we wanted to shine a light on the good events that happened this year. Everyone has seen the memes that 2020 is "inconceivable." We have decided to highlight eight of...

How “distant” are you during distant learning?

Within the arrow, Jessica Young holds up her school planner and calculator. This is  representing how many students are participating in distance learning: distantly!
Students and teachers check in from, virtually, anywhere--and a pet is now a "must have" school supply.
December 29, 2020

Winter blues may have us dreaming of doing our school work by the ocean, on a remote Florida beach, with nothing but blue sky and white sand. Even though we have the freedom and ability to travel and...

Taylor Swift solidifies her witchy ‘reputation’ with “Evermore”

Evermore gives off the perfect holiday forestry vibes.
December 28, 2020

Taylor Swift has just released her newest album Evermore on December 11, and fans can't get enough. This album was dropped as an absolute surprise, with the announcement the day before it happened. It...

Red, Green, Bright, and Merry: The colorism problem in Christmas movies

Black Christmas Movies often display acts of colorism. Featuring a lighter complexed cast over more deeply melanated actors and actresses. This is typical in females over males. Where the females would be casted lighter, because they are seem as
December 23, 2020

All is merry & BRIGHT. Each year during the holiday season, networks and streaming services roll out the typical Christmas love stories and dramas with couples in red and green. . . white couples...

Jingle Jangle’s Christmas Journey makes Christmas diversity possible

“Is it possible that the square root of impossible is me?” -Journey Jangle
December 23, 2020

David E. Talbert is making it possible for Black Americans to be the stars of the Christmas holiday. Following the drama Almost Christmas in 2016, Talbert has now produced the perfect diverse Christmas...

Live vs. artificial Christmas trees: Choose your ever-green

Ken Spore hangs ornaments on family Christmas tree.
December 23, 2020

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree How lovely are thy branches!” This year’s crop of real Christmas trees is smaller and in higher demand. Perhaps an artificial tree will provide finer branches? Some...

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