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Warplanes WW1: Pilot your own aircraft in this fight and flight VR game

by Connor Bennett, Reporter June 15, 2021

Warplanes World War 1 fighters is a hidden gem among VR games, and here’s why. Warplanes World War 1 fighters puts you in the pilot seat of a plane during World War 1.  You can choose to be a part...

Covid summer part 2: Everyone gets out of town

Covid summer part 2: Everyone gets out of town

Everyone remembers the Covid Summer Part One: staying at home, not being able to go anywhere, no vaccinations, and no big gatherings.
by Brynne McKinney, Reporter June 15, 2021

Although it’s nice people are finally able to go places again, gas prices, car rentals and airline tickets are all skyrocketing in price. Since there is a high demand for traveling, airlines, hotels,...

Even though it's full of germs, it's a great summer movie that everyone should watch.

The Kissing Booth: Stereotypical teen romance, but still a fan favorite

by Alyssa Pizer, Reporter June 15, 2021

Did anyone else find it  uncomfortable watching The Kissing Booth, the 2018 Netflix romance? After the pandemic, something about watching a bunch of teenagers kiss for so long and one after another seems...

Green with envy: Why isn't LHS a Green School?

Green with envy: Why isn’t LHS a Green School?

by Brayden Gregory, Interim Editor-in-Chief June 14, 2021

When rival school, Oakdale High School was named a Green School, in May 2021, I started thinking. Why aren't more schools in FCPS working to become Green School certified? Change is being put in too...

The March Family gathering together to read a letter from their father, who is at war.

Little Women: What this modern woman learned by joining the March family

by Audrey Kilgore, Reporter June 14, 2021

At just 15, Louis May Alcott vowed she would one day be famous after realizing the poverty of her family. At Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts, she and her family lacked money but were rich in connections,...

Asia drives pop culture music and animation

Asia drives pop culture music and animation

by Alexis Simmerman, Reporter June 9, 2021

Let's celebrate Asian influence in pop culture! It seems everyone is looking to Japan, China, and Korea for inspiration.

How Frederick County works for a brighter future in sustainability!

How Frederick County works for a brighter future in sustainability!

by Brayden Gregory May 28, 2021

In 2021, the environment is a very big topic that is discussed. Gen Z is taking the charge in a better future through sustainability and Eco friendly life changes. This container holds a variety of story...

Where are the Black excellence movies and television shows that reflect positive issues?

Horror series Them: When Black suffering becomes trauma fetish

by Maya Apau and Leila Gibril May 27, 2021

Our Trauma, Their Entertainment  The majority of Black film depicts the pain and suffering at the hands of racists that Blacks in America have endured.  Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights.   While...

TikTokers, Nikita Dragun, Thomas Petrou, Larri Merritt, Alex Warren, Hudson, Kouvr Annon, Sienna Mae Gomez, and Jack Wright collab with Netflix for the Hype House Show.

Netflix “Hype House Show” gets negative hype – Please cancel it!

by Sarah Webb and Alyssa Pizer May 27, 2021

Fans threaten to cancel their Netflix subscriptions because of the new Hype House show. We agree and are against the idea of the Hype House and their new reality TV show simply because these TikTokers...

A close view of the deserted center of the FSK Mall... with its ironic

Why do I need a time machine to go to a good mall?

Malls are no longer the teen hangout they once were.
by Audrey Kilgore May 22, 2021

In Season 3 of Stranger Things, when teen friends El and Max were skipping through the mall during El’s very first visit, the camera panned around at a bright, bustling scene with people everywhere....

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