Class of 2018: With 23 days to go, these drama department seniors are excited for graduation


Mackenzie Berry

Drama department seniors gather around a variety of shoes featured in the spring musical, to celebrate 23 days until graduation.

by Mackenzie Berry, Reporter

With 23 days until the senior graduation, these drama department Footloose cast members are reflecting upon their years involved in the department and remembering all of the friendships that they’ve made over the course of their high school careers. Some of the seniors have been involved in all eight productions in four years.

Alyssa Chiarelli, SSL for this year’s, “Intro to Theater” class said, “One of my favorite memories from this program is when Beau Cameron got stuck in the curtain. I was crying backstage it was fun. Oh, and Jacob Blue: he makes me happy.”

Chiarelli plans to continue her education at Salisbury University with a major in mass communications and a minor in theater.

Samantha Buntman, student director for last year’s spring musical, said, “I enjoyed student directing last year and tech week dinners in general. Also, being able to play my first lead this year.”

Buntman is going to attend Towson university, with a major in psychology. Much like Chiarelli, she is going to minor in theater.

In addition, Cassidee Grunwald is looking forward to graduation. She said, “I loved being able to meet new people when I moved here, everyone was so welcoming. My favorite show I was involved in was The Nightmare Zone. It was a lot of fun.”

Grunwald is going to be attending Frederick Community College with a focus on general education. She plans to be involved in their theater program, taking classes and participating in shows.

Finally, Jordan Cencula has been involved in drama since freshman year.  She said, “I loved all the conversations we had backstage and blasting all kinds of music in the dressing room.”

Cencula is going to be attending Salisbury University with Chiarelli; however she is going to be majoring in secondary education, with a focus in history, as well as a minor in earth science. Cencula has been involved in swimming, choir and FFA.