Senior countdown 2018: Project Lead the Way seniors are building memories for the last 5 days


courtesy of Bridget Murphy

Seniors Tyler Becraft and Zamarre Snowden happy with 5 days left of school.

Project Lead the Way is an engineering program with five classes: IED, POE, DE, EDD and CEA. The five innovative classes prepare students to experience what engineering can be like in college–and they earn college credit for their achievements.

Tyler Becraft said, “I’m going to miss my friends and all of the fun experiences I’ve had here at Linganore. I will also miss my dad, and as of right now I’m not sure what my plans are for after high school.”

There are final projects such as one in EDD where students present their projects to engineers from our community. The teachers are Mr.Lastova and Mr.Greene. PLTW is available to students in all grade levels.

Zamarre Snowden said, “I will miss all of my friends at Linganore and the football team. I’ll be attending Salisbury to play football, and I do not plan on continuing in engineering. I will be majoring in marketing.”