Senior Countdown 2018: Pom and Dance Team seniors dance their way through 6 more days


Devin Barge

The seniors on the Pom and Dance Team dance their way through six more days.

There are just six more days left for the six seniors from the Pom and Dance Team. Mary Taylor, Katie Constantine, and Kelsey Ward have been on the team all four years of high school. Ani Boghossian-James and Sarah Hall were on the team for two years. Rosie Tilmont was a first-year member this year.

Boghossian-James is going to Towson University to major in exercise science. She then plans to go to graduate school to study occupational therapy. Boghossian James has been a member of the track team the last three years, and she plans to continue running in college.

“I am going to miss the community and the football games the most,” said Boghossian-James.

Constantine was the captain of the team the last year. She choreographed the short pom dance during competition season. She is going to the University of Maryland to study nursing. She hopes to become a pediatric nurse.

“I am going to miss poms. I loved performing at football games and choreographing the dances,” said Constantine.

Hall was a member of the poms team during her sophomore year. She took junior year off and then returned for the football season of her senior year. Hall is going to the University of Maryland to study mechanical engineering.

“I loved being a part of poms because of the bonds all the girls have. I am going to miss the entire Linganore community” said Hall.

Taylor was co-captain of the team this year, and captain for the kick routine during competition season. She is going to the University of Mississippi to study pharmaceutical sciences. Taylor plans to join a sorority.

“I liked being a co-captain because I was a role model for the team and everyone looked up to me and the other captains,” said Taylor.

Tilmont won rookie of the year at the teams annual banquet. She is going to attend Christopher Newport University to major in neuroscience and business. Tilmont plans to join the dance team so she can perform at football and basketball games.

“My favorite part was getting to know new people and dancing with my friends at the football games. I am going to miss the school pride that is shown at all the football games,” said Tilmont.

Ward was co-captain of the team the last two years. She was captain of kick for the competition season in her junior year, and captain of lyrical for the competition season in her senior year. She is going to attend the University of Maryland to major in Journalism.

“Poms has been one of my favorite parts of high school. I am going to miss performing at all of the football games and pep rallies,” said Ward.

Constantine, Taylor and Ward agreed that winning the Mid Atlantic Pom and Dance Association (MAPDA) State Championship their freshman year is one of their favorite memories from their four years of poms. All the girls loved performing at the football state champion game this year.

The six seniors all had similar advice for underclassmen: Get involved and study hard, but have a good balance of work and fun!

To watch some of their performances from this season, click here.