Senior Countdown 2018: With four days left, World Language Honor Society seniors say adiós, au revoir, and auf wiedersehen to high school!


Kelsey Ward

Sapnish Honor Society Officers, Carolyn Payne, Hannah Lemen, Lily Espino and Katie Thomas celebrate having four days left.

With four days left in high school, the World Language Honor Society seniors attended the language Honor Society induction on May 16. Twenty-two seniors are active members in the French, Spanish, or German Honor Societies, and two more seniors, Kara Roth (French) and Jack Dubro (German), were inducted last night. These seniors reminisced over their time at Linganore, as well as their time in the Honor Societies.

Kara Roth, French Honor Society inductee, plans to enroll in online courses through FCC to study nursing while living in France next year. Her mother is moving to France to teach English overseas.  The Roth sisters will be living there for the year!

Roth says, “My time in Linganore´s language department has helped shape my future so much and has opened me up to many more opportunities like living in France next year.”

Joee Folb, another member of the French Honor Society, plans to continue her education at Washington College. She plans to major in political science and minor in French. Her best memories include the 9/11 class, and all of the classes that were taught by Mr. Hornbeck.

Like Folb, Vanessa Martinez plans to minor in a foreign language. Martinez is attending Salisbury University and minoring in Spanish.

Two language Honor Society students, Sarah Hall and Andrew Nash will be attending University of Maryland in the fall to pursue careers in engineering. Hall will be studying mechanical engineering, and Nash will be studying aerospace engineering.  Lars Ecklund will also be studying mechanical engineering, but will be attending Purdue University.

All of these seniors have fond. Many of their favorite memories involve the extracurriculars they participated in. Ecklund believes his best memory was winning states in indoor track; Nash says his was going to Disney with the band; Martinez believes hers was running in track meets; and Hall believes hers was performing at the football games with Poms.

Nash´s best advice to underclassmen is, “Get involved. I made a lot of friends and memories by getting involved in things I wasn’t necessarily going to do.”

Similarly, Martinez says, “My advice to underclassmen  is to experience high school to the fullest and to not let fear stop them from stepping out of their comfort zones.”

All of the World Language Honor Society Seniors enjoyed their time at Linganore greatly.

To make high school the greatest it can be, Folb says, “Never care about what anyone else says about you in school because there is a 99% chance they won’t even be a thought in your head in a year.”