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Students propose life changing topics to English 101 classes

Emma Wynkoop proposes effective ways to save the bees

Emma Wynkoop proposes effective ways to save the bees

Emma Wynkoop proposes effective ways to save the bees

by Brandon Cooper, Editor

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Dual enrollment students in English 101 class completed their last projects, an extended research project. Their task is to propose an idea that will improve the world. The students must write a 5-7 page essay on their proposal and give a presentation to their class to persuade them to act on their proposal.

Each paper had credible sources, including an interview, to prove that they had a plan and that it could be accomplished.

Elizabeth Gaudlip presented her argument, proposing that all drivers should download an app on their phones that prevents them from texting and driving. This will be a big step in cutting down on the deaths caused by distracted driving. The app would block all text messages from coming into the person’s phone so they would have no reason to look down.

Nick Belski proposed that school should start later in order to make students productive and improve learning.

“I really think that students should be able to sleep in and get at least nine hours of sleep,” said Belski.

High schools in Montgomery County have already started going to school 15 minutes later than Frederick. Howard

County is going to change to 8:00. Students in Howard County start school 7:25. 

Sophia Heitzig proposed how to prevent ACL injuries and tears. Heitzig brought in an actual MRI of her ACL to show the damage it does to one’s body. She suggests that high school athletes are required to do certain exercises to strengthen knee ligaments so help prevent tears of ACLs.

Morgan Eisenhower presented a more local proposal. Eisenhower proposed that we extend the Mt. Airy Rails to Trails. Rails to Trails is a foundation that works hard to find, build, and promote the conservation of trails. Eisenhower proposed that we extend the trails to provide more accessibility to places like downtown Mt. Airy and other neighborhoods.

Frannie Davis argued that there be more integration of the arts in school. She brought up points saying that the arts make one more intelligent and helps build social skills.

“I’m glad I got to both do and watch the presentations because I got to learn about new things,” said Will Pellicier.

After this week, FCC courses are complete for the year.

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Students propose life changing topics to English 101 classes