French clubs show support for France after tragedies of 11/13/15


Olivia DuBro

Madeline Wodaski finishes hanging artwork on the French Collage hung in the cafeteria.

by Olivia DuBro, Editor-In-Chief

On Club Day, November 18, 2015 , senior and Vice President of Linganore’s chapter of the National French Honor Society, Madeline Wodaski, proposed that the NFHS create a piece of art to show support for France after the atrocities that happened Friday, November 13.

On Friday, Paris was attacked by the terror group, ISIS. Six sites in Paris were besieged, and more than 100 Parisians were killed. The terror raid happened only two days after the end of National French Week, November 4-10, 2015.

NFHS was joined by the French Club and Mr. Hornbeck’s National and Global Issues class to create posters showing their appreciation, love, and support for France in this time of mourning.

“I wanted to incorporate art, and I wanted it to be something big that everyone would see,” said Wodaski. “I’m in French, so I already know about what happened, but I wanted the school to think about it and be aware, too.”

Wodaski said she was inspired by the Paris peace graphic (a peace sign which incorporates the Eiffel Tower.)

The collage is displayed in the cafeteria.