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New teachers reveal talents and hobbies

Ms. Hendi barrel racing in Arizona.

Ms. Hendi barrel racing in Arizona.

Ms. Hendi barrel racing in Arizona.

by Olivia DuBro and Abby Ryan

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“Every child should have a caring adult in their lives. And that’s always a biological parent or family member. It may be a friend or a neighbor. Often times, it is a teacher,”

Do you really know your teachers? The faces you see around the halls and even in your classrooms may be complete strangers to you.

This year, LHS welcomes several new teachers, and two new assistant principals, Mr. Jan Witt and Mr. Andrew McWilliams.

Mr. Jan Witt is beginning his ninth year of being an assistant principal. Being a part of a high school keeps him feeling young.

“I call it my ‘Peter Pan’ philosophy. You guys keep me young forever,” Witt says.

In his free time, Witt is outdoors. He has spent summers in Alaska, Florida, New Orleans, and the Outer Banks hiking with his wife and biking miles through the mountains.

Mr. Andrew McWilliams, has been an “AP” for seven years.  Working with kids is something that runs in the family.

Mr McWilliams

Mr. McWilliams with his two children

“Teaching is only a family business for us,” states McWilliams. Teachers are the career of choice for his entire extended family.

McWilliams enjoys photography and was involved with a worship band as a at his local church.

Mr. Steven Reedy, the new physical education and health teacher, also a member of a church band, is the new physical education and health teacher. He plays acoustic guitar at Summit Trace Church.

Mr Reedy

Mr. Reedy teaching

This year will be Reedy’s second year of teaching. Only a few years ago, he played club lacrosse at the University of Maryland on attack and midfield.  He also likes outdoor challenges like fishing and hunting.

“Mr. Reedy makes health class entertaining and fun to go to,” says student Marina Rupinski.

Ms. Heather Sayler has outdoor hobbies, as well. Like Reedy she considers herself a nature lover and enjoys hiking and camping.

This is Sayler’s eleventh year teaching math. Throughout her years of teaching, a memory that stands out was during one of her first years.

Sayler tells that during a student pep rally, another teacher gave her a referral for not listening to the speaker. The teacher thought she was a student!

Ms. Ilana Blum is the freshman class’s new guidance counselor.  She began her career as a math teacher, but soon realized guidance was her calling.

“My students would come up to my classroom at lunch to hang out with me. I felt like I just connected with them better than I could teach them,” Blum explains.

She also tells that she still keeps in touch with many of the students she helps.  One of her first years counseling, she created a close relationship with a female student. Even though the student is now 24, she and Blum still keep in touch.

Social studies teacher Ms. Jamie Hendi also believes she has a special connection with her pupils. Though this is only her first full year teaching, Hendi was a long-term sub last year.  Hendi says, “high school students have the ability to make great conversation.”

She is a second career teacher because, like Blum, she felt her calling was to be around teens. It was hard to satisfy those needs in her previous career as a lawyer.

Ms. Colleen Ganley is a new math teacher and has 10 years of experience. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking and skiing.


Top 3 Things You Can Do to Become A Teacher’s Pet

  1. Be honest
 2. Set good goals with alternatives  3. Work cooperatively
Ms. Blum shares that if you’re honest your teachers are more willing to help. Mr. Witt tells that you should always have one or more “plan B’s” because your goals may be a lot harder to achieve than you anticipate. Mr. Reedy states that you have to know how to be a team member in ALL parts of your life. You never know when you’ll need to work in a group.




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New teachers reveal talents and hobbies