Lancer Spotlight 3/31/22: Raush-Garnet wins chess tournament


Natalie Rebetsky

Members of the Chess Team work on perfecting their skills.

by Anessa Davy, Reporter

Dimitri Raush-Garnet came in first place at the chess tournament held March 25. The event took place in the cafeteria hosted by the school’s chess club. The club meets often in PREP and has weekly after school practices on Wednesdays.

Mr. Damon Norko, Mr. James Jensen, Mr. Jospeh Athey, and Mr. Kenneth Halter competed along with six students to win one of the top three prizes and bragging rights. 

Mr. Athley got into the activity in the beginning of quarantine and has been playing since.

“I’ve known how to play for a while, but I started using online sites with my friends for friendly competitions.” said Athey. 

Teachers had to step aside for the final competitions to allow students to show off their skills.

The tournament was played in a round-robin style where each player had to face each other at least once before the winners were determined. A loss results in no points awarded, but a win or tie gives the players points that are counted up at the end and determines the top three winners. This allowed the opportunity for everyone to compete against different skill levels. 

Coming in second and third place were Caleb Morris and Joshua Barnes. Each winner received a trophy for their accomplishment. 

Ten competitors represented the chess club in the match, hopefully the next one will have an even larger turnout.