VR Population 1 improves on battle royale games

From 18 potential killers to one glorious survivor, Population 1 is poised to take over as your new favorite game.

Population 1 is  VR battle royale that earns is overall an 8/10, and here’s why.

The basics of the game are simple. At its core, Population 1 is a battle royale, with around 18 people dropping into the battlefield, trying to be the last one to survive.  You will spend most of the game picking up weapons, ammo, building materials and health items. Health items allow players to heal any health lost during a fight. Building materials allow the survivors to build walls and floors to protect yourself, similar to the building in other battle royales such as Fortnite.

Unlike most other battle royales, Population 1 is only playable in VR, meaning that it has some things that have to change to seem more “realistic.” Recoil, a common weapon attribute in many FPS games, has been changed in this game to only vertical recoil. This allows for predictability and more accuracy.

Another feature that makes this game special is the unique gliding mechanic, allowing people to spread their arms and glide through the skies to dive at their enemies from above.  Jump off a building, spread your arms out, and you can move smoothly through the air.

In the month of April, Population 1 is having an event involving the tower in the middle of the map. Since the game’s release in October 2020, the tower has been closed off, but this new event opens the tower and allows players to explore and loot the inside.

Looting the tower offers small red cubes. Collecting enough of these cubes unlocks special cosmetic  items, including three weapon skins and one player skin. However, these are not the only cosmetic items in the game players are also able to buy skins in the shop, which changes consistently.

These aspects as well as a few other’s make this game an 8/10.