Warplanes WW1: Pilot your own aircraft in this fight and flight VR game

Connor Bennett

by Connor Bennett, Reporter

Warplanes World War 1 fighters is a hidden gem among VR games, and here’s why.

Warplanes World War 1 fighters puts you in the pilot seat of a plane during World War 1.  You can choose to be a part of the Triple Entente (the European Alliance) or the Central Powers (German, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria). Each side has  special campaign missions as well as its own planes. 

I usually choose the the Centra Powers because they have better planes.  (Add in the plane you like.)

Once you have chosen your side as well as your plane, you are able to choose to launch into multiplayer or campaign. In the campaign players are tasked with solo missions ranging from destroying boats to fighting off other planes. In multiplayer, teams are able to choose among a wide variety of missions, some of which are made by members of the game’s community.

As well as featuring VR gameplay, the game has a map creator that can be done right from a desktop. Currently the map creator is in beta, but still gives players the tools to make their own custom experience in warplanes.

With all of these factors combined I give warplanes a 9/10.