Rec Room VR: Everyone can enjoy a visit to this game room

Connor Bennett

by Connor Bennett, Reporter

Rec Room is a popular VR game with aspects of PvP, PvE as well as a few smaller genres such as sports and speedrunning. As well as all of these, one of Rec Room’s main selling points is that it is also a social VR game, allowing users to talk and type to each other. 

Rec Room is completely free. Players access almost all features of Rec Room without paying a dime. However, since Rec Room does need a source of income, players buy in-game currency for buying clothing items. To advance and enjoy more parts of the Rec Room, players can also pay for a subscription service called Rec Room Plus. Rec Room+ gives participants 1500 tokens, the in-game currency, as well as a random clothing item.

Rec Room has recently amassed an active player base of over 1 million Active VR users. “It’s free, it benefits from wide distribution VR headsets and traditional monitors, and it includes cross-platform play, too,” said game reviewer Scott Hayden.  As well as being able to play Rec Room in VR,  you are also able to play it on a screen such as, a pc, a phone and a majority of popular game consoles.

As well as amassing 15 million “lifetime” players, Rec Room is well-funded, reporting 1.25 billion, in an effort to become the latest Roblox.