Rho Kappa members decorate t-shirts: Photo of the Day 02/04/20


Yesenia Montenegro

Maddy Spisso and Rachel Hall design their own Rho Kappa t-shirts.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor-in-Chief

Rosie the Riveter is boldly emblazoned on Lauren’s t-shirt.

On January 30, members of Rho Kappa met after school to decorate t-shirts. Instead of ordering official Rho Kappa t-shirts, the honor society decided to make their own this year. They were able to draw history or Rho Kappa related designs on their shirts with puffy paint and fabric markers. 

Members expressed themselves freely and showed off their creativity. While some students kept their shirts simple, others decided to create very intricate designs. 

Yesenia Montenegro
Melissa Skaife has created a Linganore and Rho Kappa-themed shirt

“I chose to decorate my shirt with a drawing of Rosie the Riveter because she is one of my favorite historical figures and I want to remember her legacy through Rho Kappa,” said Class of 2020 member Lauren Burden. 

Students will now be able to wear their t-shirts at Rho Kappa events. This year, Rho Kappa has already hosted a movie night, participated in tutoring in the Tutoring Center and Mrs. Shiderly’s room, and held regular meetings. 


Rho Kappa officers Hudson Hinshaw, Alyson Zieg-Sniffen, Devin Wynne, Catherine Amereihn, and Alaina Burger, are currently in the midst of planning their induction ceremony for new members. This year’s Rho Kappa induction will be held on February 19 at 6:00 PM in the auditorium.