Youth Art Month comes to the Delaplaine: Photo of the day 3/17/2020


Georgia Geisser

Suzanna Codd with her painting “Railroad Tracks.”

by Gillian Humphreys, Reporter

Congratulations to Megan Baer and Suzanna Codd for becoming two of the 12 finalists for the “2020 Bettie Award.” The Bettie award is named after Bettie Delaplaine. Bettie Delaplaine was a huge supporter of the arts and an inspiration to many artists. 

The Bettie Award presentation was on Saturday, March 7 at 2:30 PM at The Delaplaine Arts Center. The Finalists Exhibition will be open from March 7 to April 24 at the Delaplaine. 

Unique artwork from all over Frederick County was displayed and judged. 

“It was nice to go to the Delaplaine and see all the artwork and other finalists that made it.” Said Suzanna Codd.  

The winner of the Bettie Award won $1000 and every other finalist won $100.

When asked why being a finalist was special, Megan Baer said, “I knew the person who the Bettie Award was named after. Knowing that I was a finalist for this award dedicated to her was surreal to me.”

Congratulations to the amazing artists on becoming finalists for the Bettie Award.