Mr. Linganore 2020 contestants attend Uno’s Night in Frederick: Photo of the Day 2/25/20


Nick Titus

A group of students socialize at a table during UNOs Night

by Nick Titus, Reporter

I’m On February 18th,  Mr. Linganore contestants represented themselves at the Uno’s restaurant in Frederick. The “dough raiser” contributes funds to the Academic awards program. 

On February 27 a second Uno’s night will be held.

Supporters of the Mr. Linganore competition had the opportunity to vote for which contestant they wanted to win. These tallies were coordinated by Jeremy Brown and Natalie Rebetsky.

Twenty percent of the profits received from both nights benefit the Renaissance Program.  The Renaissance Program is a program that donates supplies for academic events at Linganore.

“Mr. Linganore is such an amazing and beneficial event. Ever since freshman year I have been in love with this annual tradition, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it this year.” said Jacob Blue. 

The competition will be held in the auditorium on March 7th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $8 if you buy one from a contestant and $10 if you buy one from the door. Come support the event and cheer on your favorite contestant!