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Braden Weinel’s day off goes perfect at Mr. Linganore 2020

Contestants hold up Braden Weinel in celebration after he's crowned Mr. Linganore

by Bailey Spore, Editor-In-Chief

March 10, 2020

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller Although the day was long, life moved fast for the seven contestants for Mr. Linganore 2020:  Men of Vision, and, before they knew it, Mr. Jeremy Brown was reading the top three winners: B...

Jeremy Hilton builds tallest tower at Mr. LHS gumdrop tower lunchtime competition

Jeremy Hilton and David Kominars race to complete their gumdrop towers.

by Gillian Humphreys and Lily Caton

March 9, 2020

Before every Mr. Linganore show, each of the contestants participates in three lunchtime competitions. Competitions include writing ¨sweetheart letters¨ during first lunch, building gumdrop towers during second lunch, and cake decorating during third lunch.  During the second lunch shift, the contestan...

Who will take the cake at this year’s Mr. Linganore 2020 cake decorating competition?

Max Ross' cake includes a silhouette of his character, Alexander the Great, made fondant.

by Emily McNally and Kayla Beam

March 9, 2020

On March 4, the seven Mr. Linganore contestants became bakers in the annual cake decorating competition, which took place in the cafeteria during the third lunch shift. Each contestant’s cake was themed after a specific character they will be portraying in the contest.  To get in the spirit f...

Mr. Linganore contestants have high hopes for gumdrop lunch time competition

by Erich Miller, Editor

March 6, 2020


Mr. Linganore 2020 contestants attend Uno’s Night in Frederick: Photo of the Day 2/25/20

A group of students socialize at a table during UNOs Night

by Nick Titus, Reporter

February 25, 2020

I’m On February 18th,  Mr. Linganore contestants represented themselves at the Uno’s restaurant in Frederick. The “dough raiser” contributes funds to the Academic awards program.  On February 27 a second Uno’s night will be held. Supporters of the Mr. Linganore competition had the opportunity to vote ...

Jeremy Hilton plans to light up the Mr. Linganore competition

Jeremy Hilton plans to light up the Mr. Linganore competition

by Chris Perise, Reporter

February 25, 2020

Jeremy Hilton is one of seven contestants in this year's Mr. Linganore: “Men of Vision” competition. The man he will portray Thomas Edison, the man who invented the light bulb. Hilton chose Edison due to the fact that he sees a lot of himself in Edison. “I chose Thomas Edison because he was a ne...

Seven LHS men have the vision that they will be crowned Mr. Linganore

Mr. Linganore contestants practice their samba dance for the performance.

by Megan Hobbs and Gabby Shifflett

February 21, 2020

On Saturday, March 7, Linganore High School is holding their 21st annual Mr. Linganore competition: Men of Vision. Mr. Linganore is a competition where senior guys compete with one another performing their different talents and acts. At the end, the winner will be chosen by the seven judges and th...

Newsies cast becomes real old-fashioned New-Yorkas with help from accent coach

Adam Rose teaches the cast of

by Thomas French and John VanDine

January 26, 2020

Da drama department had a guest speaka to help with teaching da cast of Newsies how da speak like  true old-fashioned New-Yorkas.  On January 15, Adam Rose lead accent exercises with the cast. He has been working as an accent coach for 10 years, and his skill at voice manipulation proved very hel...

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