Jeremy Hilton plans to light up the Mr. Linganore competition


Jeremy Hilton is one of seven contestants in this year’s Mr. Linganore: “Men of Vision” competition. The man he will portray Thomas Edison, the man who invented the light bulb. Hilton chose Edison due to the fact that he sees a lot of himself in Edison.

“I chose Thomas Edison because he was a nerd but was also athletic and I think I fit that description as well” Hilton said.

Hilton believes he has a leg up on the other competitors because he is used to the theatrics of the competition,as he has been in theater most of his life. Hilton has performed in many school plays including Beauty and the Beast and Footloose.He as also proved he can be a strong performer, as he is the lead role in this years Newsies play. He’s also a very social person so he’s hoping that could help him win fans. 

“I’m really excited to see all of the acts from the other competitors on talent night,” said Hilton.  The guys practice their talents in advance to coordinate their staging needs with Mr Jeremy Brown, the master of ceremonies. 

Hilton will be escorted by Gabby North. They are best friends and very close. The most difficult thing for Hilton thus far has been learning how to samba.

Hilton is involved in his community as he is a member of the varsity football team, the thespian society and NHS. Hilton is also head of the ski and snowboarding club. He wants to continue his academic career at Salisbury where he plans to study business and/or cyber security.