1,2,3: Candy hearts, Elmer’s glue, cardstock paper, and Sharpies!


Bailey Spore

Contestants Max Ross and Jack Maerten racing to complete their sweetheart letters.

by Grace Blundin and Maya Apau

On March 4, the seven contestants of Mr. Linganore 2020: Men of Vision, along with their assistants, participated in the annual lunchtime sweetheart letter competition. 

Each student’s letter had to include candy hearts with messages on them, combined with their own words. 

Max Ross, portraying Alexander the Great, wrote,  “I say alrighty Aphrodite. Call me great, our TRUE LOVE is fate.”

Jeremey Hilton’s brief  letter is written as a bromance with competitor David Kominars.  “I think we are TRUE LOVEs.” 

Kominars, portraying the famous ringmaster, rejected Hilton’s advances, choosing to write to his P.T. Barnum’s wife, Charity. “Our LOVE LASTS, YES DEAR, our LOVE LASTS.”

Braden Weinel continued the in character trend as he wrote to Ferris Bueller’s love interest, “Sloane, MY LOVE you can CALL ME anytime.” 

The letters were  judged by the English department: the winning three letters were (1) Max Ross, (2) David Kominars and (3) Jack Maerten.

Each contestant wrote to a special someone either in real life or in their character’s life. Although every letter was unique in its own way, there were definitely some crowd favorites. 

“I love it when you SWEET TALK me and I want you to BE MINE,” Luke Skywalker (Luke Goundry) wrote  in his love letter. 

 “I wrote to my escort and manager who is also my girlfriend Rihannon Seyfried,” said Jacob Blue.

“Dear my love, won’t you BE MINE…. Won’t you MARRY ME and BE MINE forever,” said Blue (Mr. Rogers).

During the other two lunch shifts, the contestants decorated cakes based on their characters and created gum-drop towers.

After all three competitions, David Kominars’ manager, Emily Webb, said,  “Throughout the competitions, we noticed others had more materials than us, but we worked with what we had, and I think he has a good chance of winning.” 

Tickets are  available at the door for $10. Good luck to all contestants! We’ll be LOOKING forward to seeing you Saturday night!