Max Ross looks to be the greatest Mr. Linganore contestant as Alexander the Great.

“In 15 years of conquest, Alexander the Great never lost a battle.”

by Grace Coccagna and Zachary Tilmont

Max Ross admires Alexander the Great’s physical skills are part of ancient history.  Max Ross plans to win the Mr. Linganore crown, cementing his Linganore history.

On Saturday, March 7, members of the class of 2020 will be competing for the title of Mr. Linganore. One of the contestants is Maximus Ross. He has chosen to portray the character Alexander the Great because of the powerful leadership traits that Max believes he shares with the legendary figure.

For Ross’ talent he will be singing and dancing. Ross wants to make people laugh and just have fun on stage. 

“My act will be a for sure laugh that everyone can enjoy. I look better in a dress than any of the other contestants,” said Max Ross, one of seven candidates for Mr. Linganore 2020. 

Ryan Leigh, a contestant from last year asked Max to participate in his act in 2019. Ross enjoyed being on stage and wanted to be part of the competition.

“Last year I was in Ryan Leigh’s act.  It was super fun. I got to wear a dress and it was funny. It was fun to be around everyone,” said Ross. 

Ross will be escorted by Hunter Levison. Levinson will also be Ross’ dance partner and manager. His sponsor is Residential One, a property management company.

“Max’s personality is definitely the most unique out of the other contestants which will make him stand out from everyone else,” said Levinson. 

Ross`s routine consists of unique singing and dancing that he promises will for sure entertain the audience. 

“I am a dominant force when it comes to dancing. It will be funny and great,” Max said. Max is hoping that he has an advantage over the other contestants due to his character and happy personality. 

A four-year member of the Lancer football team, Max is working on studying secondary education to further his leadership skills and improve on making students happier in their everyday lives. He is part of an internship at New Market Middle and is helping with the english department. He hopes in the future to teach high school english and spread his love for reading. Ross is hoping that his sense of humor and leadership skills will give him the edge in the Mr. Linganore competition.