Lancer Spotlight: Amelia Jansen chosen for the MD General Assembly Program


Amelia Jansen

Amelia Jansen hold up her letter saying that she got into the Maryland General Assembly Student Page Program.

by Rachel McCoy, Managing Editor

Each year, 105 students and 36 alternates are selected by the state’s local school systems to participate in the Maryland General Assembly Student Page Program. This year five Frederick County students will serve as pages. Amelia Jansen, a Linganore student, was chosen as one of the five.

Amelia Jansen is a student representative for the Band Boosters Board of Directors. She is also section leader and student brass coordinator for the Marching Band. She is a Rho Kappa member and teen delegate for the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.

The 2021 MD General Assembly page program is two weeks long. During the program, she will attend daily legislative sessions and committee hearings, along with a series of discussions with the Maryland delegates and senators. The program is mostly meant to be an educational opportunity for the high school participants who might want to pursue careers in politics or government.

Senator Michael Hough (District 4) explains the process. He says, “Typically, the student pages sit with the members and staff on the Senate floor and help to distribute amendments and other documents that need to be read before we vote. It is also a great way to learn about the legislative process in action. When we are not on the Senate floor, the pages have the opportunity to meet with their Senators/Delegates and attend committee hearings.”

Amelia hopes to major in political science and economics in college. The Maryland Page Program is an excellent opportunity for her to explore the subject and gain some first-hand experience.

She wanted to be a part of the program ever since Mrs. Jamie Hendi told her about it. Hendi is The Linganore Page Coordinator.

Each year the page coordinators are allowed to nominate one student from each school to be considered for the program.

Hendi said, “I know Amelia has a huge interest in law and politics, so I knew she would be perfect for this program.”

Amelia believes she was selected because of her interview section of the application.

Jansen said, “I tried to be enthusiastic during the interview and show that I was passionate about the work I would be doing.”

Hendi said “she definitely “wowed” everyone during her interview – she was poised and gave great answers to questions. She also was so enthusiastic about participating because law and politics are her passion. That really shined through in her interview.”

Her hard work paid off as she got one of the 105 student spots.

This year will be different because they will have to limit number of people on the Senate floor and in the office buildings. With that the page program will be virtual this year.

Senator Hough said, “Even though the pages won’t get as much direct interaction with the Senators and Delegates as usual, it is still a high honor and a great learning opportunity.”

The Maryland General Assembly starts January 12 and ends April 9. She will participate for two weeks during that time.