Zach Michael leads chant before first game: Photo of the Day 9/9/19


Grace Gaydosh

Zach Michael screams the ‘I Believe’ chant.

by Grace Gaydosh, Editor-in-Chief

On September 6, the day of the first football game of the season, students gathered around Main Street for the traditional ‘I Believe’ chant.

The chant takes place between second period and PREP. The football players and tribe members stand on Main Street, while the chief stands on the top of the stairs and leads the chant. After the chant, they form a circle and get loud and proud. This spirit carries over into football games.

The weekly event draws hundreds of students to the balcony and first floor gathering area.  At the first chant, the numbers were fewer because many Class of 2023 students did not know about the tradition.

As a school community, Linganore is considered “One Tribe.” It’s a tradition passed on from one senior class to the next in order to create a fun and spirited environment for the student section. Senior Zach Michael is the 2019 Tribe leader, elected through a Twitter poll, making him the lead representative of the student body at sports events.

“It’s really fun getting to lead the student section, and I love supporting my classmates on the team,” said Michael. Michael, along with other tribe members like Connor Browne and Brendan Conners, play lacrosse in the spring which makes them able to represent their classmates on the football team.

Members of the tribe paint their chests to make them look like jerseys. They typically spell out ‘Linganore Lancers’ or ‘Roll tribe.’

Seniors in the tribe include Zach Michael, Brendan Conners, Ricky Lane, Cole Blanche, Chris Blanche, Connor Browne, Colby Huston, Vince Booth, Dillion Drenner, Mike Barger, Jack Rich, Sean Lang, Luke Goundry, Roman LaRocco, Garrett Schwartzbeck, and Ethan Zirkle.

Along with the Tribe, Linganore has a Lady Tribe. Just like the boys, the girls represent the student section at games. The girls help paint the members of the Tribe and make banners for the student section.

“I enjoy being a part of the Lady Tribe because it’s fun to be spirited,” said Lady Tribe member, Taylor Biss.

Linganore played against Liberty High School, beating them with a score of 35-7.

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