Oh, the places the Little Lancers will go: Photo of the Day 5/23/19


courtesy of Kate Lane

Seventeen preschoolers stand clapping with their senior buddies.

by Madeline Hull and Ashley Martin

On May 21, eight preschoolers graduated from the Little Lancer Preschool program. Next year, those students will be attending various elementary schools in Frederick County.

This year Anna, Grace, Vivienne, Brierley, Cameron, Juliana, and Brooks will be off to kindergarten and, eventually, be graduating from high school in 2032. 

The Little Lancer program teaches children between the ages of 3 and 4 skills they need for kindergarten. It’s a way to have them understand the sociability of a classroom and in the world.

“The best thing we can teach the kids here is the social skills that go along with going to school because if you don’t learn how to get along with people, you won’t be successful in life,” said Ms. Kate Lane, preschool coordinator.

During the ceremony, each child was individually honored. The students and teachers performed songs including, “Icky sticky bubble gum,” ” Go noodles,” and ” Rise and Shine.” The program continued with a slide show of memorable moments and recognized our graduating seniors and where they are headed in the future.

 At the end of the of the presentation, the new kindergartners had a celebration party with parents and guests.

Not only were the children recognized; the graduating seniors were awarded for their help in the classroom. Seniors Eleanor Miley and Cailey Weber were both awarded with Certificates of 45 hours.

Seniors Lauren Boyd, Claudia Bremer, Catherine Contreras, Amanda Drake, Nicole Escalante, Kristen Gagne, Avalon Gravley, Alexis Keeling, Ryan McFadden, Olivia Merritt, Christina Powell, Victoria Rausch, Kenleigh Smith and Devin Watkins were awarded with 90 hour certification. Students who have been awarded with a 90 hours certification can obtain six college credits from Frederick County Community College.

Lane said, ” Today was a day of growth for not only the preschoolers but the high schoolers as well.”