Future Lancers get a taste of high school on Move-Up Day: Photo of the Day 6/7/19


Braden Weinel

Junior Katie Roach and freshman Maeve Smarick lead the future Lancers in a group discussion.

by Elizabeth Rajnik and Sierra Rossman

On June 5 and 6 students from New Market Middle School (NMMS)  and Windsor Knolls Middle School (WKMS) attended the annual Move-Up day. During the Move-Up day, groups of 8th graders are given a personalized tour of the school by various leaders in the LHS community.

The students began their day by listening to a presentation from the staff members and student services. Next, the future Lancers embarked on their tour of the school. The groups stopped by various classrooms, visited the different hallways and learned about the classes they will be taking.

Dylan Liston, a Class of 2023 member from NMMS, said, “Move-Up Day really benefited me because I now know where all of the classrooms are around the school. We also learned what the schedule and high school environment would be like.”

After the tour, the group of 8th graders came together to have a small group discussion with their high school leaders. The groups discussed the changes that high school will bring as they take a new, big step in furthering their education. The leaders also discussed with the students the new academic expectations of high school and how to create good habits in order to set up for success.

While this discussion may sound intimidating for the 8th graders, it’s not meant to scare them! The discussion is a way to prepare the future Lancers and relieve any anxiety that they may have about coming into a new school environment. The leaders reassured the group by discussing how they dealt with the change and things that they wish they knew.

“I think the upcoming freshmen really benefited from the group discussion because they could get their questions answered and feel more relaxed and not as anxious about the change from middle to high school,” said Carolina Heister, a Class of 2021 leader.

Students ended their orientation with a closing from Mr. Brown and Ms. Davies. Before departing, the students received a special Class of 2023 issue of The Lance focusing on what they can expect coming into the 2019-2020 school year.