Choir earns near perfect score at spring 2019 adjudication: Photo of the Day 3/22/19


courtesy of Damon Dye

Linganore’s concer choir performs at their adjudication.

by Julie Walker, Managing Editor

On March 21, Mr. Damon Dye’s choir performed in their adjudication assessment and earned all Superior ratings.

An adjudication is essentially a benchmark exam that tests the skills of the choir in their stage performance. During the adjudication, the concert choir performs three songs they prepared,and then are presented sheet music for a song they have never seen or heard and are expected to sing it in front of a fourth judge who ranks the performance out of 40 points.

The choir earned  39/40 points on their site reading, a near perfect score.  They performed “Breathe soft, ye winds,” “Elijah,” and “Venga nel nostro coro.”

“I am so proud of my choir students. They performed brilliantly and made me bawl on stage. They really touched my heart. They sang as one whole on stage and let the music take over,” said Dye.

Judges score based on tone, diction, balance, musicianship, rhythm accuracy, stage presentation and articulation.

Mackenzie Berry said, “Choir has been such an incredible activity to invest my time in. There has been so much joy in working together with your peers to create such gorgeous music. You become almost like a family, and you learn so much about musicianship and general performance skills.”

The choir scored a one out of four in all categories, ranking them one of the top choir groups in Frederick County.

Kali Nanavaty, member of the class of 2019 has been involved in choir since her junior year. “When we are doing sight readings, I am mostly focused on doing my absolute best and trying to blend with all of the other people so that we can all sing as one. I love being in choir because I enjoy singing and choir gives me a great chance to make new friends. We support each other like a family.”