Lancer Media’s Music Madness: Breaking down the greatest artist of all time; round one


graphic by Bailey Spore

The Lancer Media Music Madness bracket.

by Jacob Bolger and Bailey Spore

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Who is the greatest music artist? This is a question endlessly debated by friends, casual listeners, and experts alike. As this is clearly a subjective topic, no one is necessarily wrong or right in their answer. Everyone has their own opinion and taste of music.  Staff members Jacob Bolger and Bailey Spore have decided to debate their opinions on the greatest music artists, and with the NCAA’s March Madness tournament currently underway, there is no better time to do so. After asking people to send in their favorite artists on social media, 64 artists were pinned up against each other in tournament-style bracket, similar to that of March Madness.

Within the next few weeks, they will host podcast-style debates discussing who will win each match-up, and plan to include guests in the later rounds to provide further input. They began with the North division, and plan to host one debate per week until the winner is decided. The final podcast will be a debate over the final four and the championship round, deciding who the greatest artist of all time is (in their opinion). If you wish to participate, print out the bracket below and fill it out, then tweet a picture at @LHSJournalism, @BaileySpore, or @JacobBolger3.

graphic by Bailey Spore
Bolger and Spore’s Music Madness bracket

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