Class of 2018: With 25 days left, these senior cheerleaders P-U-M-P ´d for graduation


courtesy of Amy Rumburg

Linganore cheerleaders celebrate 25 days left.

With 25 days left in their school year, senior cheerleaders are reminiscing over their time at LHS and their time on the cheerleading teams. These girls were crucial to becoming the first Frederick county cheerleading team to win states.

Sierra Bennett, four time varsity cheerleader and two time varsity captain, says, “My best high school memories have to do with cheer. Being able to cheer on the varsity football and basketball teams with very successful seasons, especially this year with football winning states, has been an amazing journey.”

Bennett plans to continue her education and cheerleading career at either Virginia Tech or University of Maryland. She has been accepted to both but is waiting to decided until after cheerleading tryouts are over. She plans to major in human development or early child development to later become a preschool teacher.

Olivia Felton, another star cheerleader and varsity captain, states that her favorite high school memory was winning states. She says, “Finally winning states as a senior and getting to be captain was one of the best feelings ever.”

Like Bennett, Felton plans to major in early childhood education. She will begin at Frederick Community College for one year and finish her college degree at University of Maryland.

Kendall Sheehy, varsity captain and cheerleader for the world championship cheerleading team, The Maryland Twisters F5, will join Felton at Frederick Community College and then finish her education at University of Maryland.

Danielle Riley wants to study nursing at Frederick Community College and then transfer to Towson or Hood, both schools with strong nursing programs.

Riley feels that winning states was the best part of her high school career. She said, “Being able to accomplish something so amazing my last year here was incredible.” 

Alex Michael is attending Penn State in the fall on their main campus. Her major is undecided, but she is considering human services or business.

Bennett said, “Make the most of your time here and always try to be involved with something new. You´ll regret it if you don’t.”