Winpigler wins Scholastic competition at Shippensburg: Photo of the Day 11/13/18


courtesy of Georgia Geisser

Colleen Avila, Grace Winpigler, and Shelby Tkacik posing with Winpiglers winning piece.

by Lily Weaver, Managing Editor

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On November 3 and 4, Frederick County took all first place awards for the four categories at the Scholastic competition at Shippensburg College in PA.

Grace Winpigler won the overall competition and $500. Winpigler’s art is a ceramic vase object that has triangles coming off from either side. The artwork is a tan color with purple detailing. 

“When I found out I won I was super surprised, but had a feeling I was going to win something,” said Winpigler.

courtesy of Georgia Geisser
Winpigler poses with her ceramic entry.

3rd place overall went to Colleen Avila who received $200. Avila’s art is a canvas with newspaper print plastered on. The newspaper articles are from the day Trump made comments about other countries. Along the top it has the founding fathers head with a hand holding them up.

“I created my art last year in Mr. M’s class for our social commentary assignment. It represents when trump made inappropriate comments about countries and used foul languages to describe them,” said Avila.

courtesy of Georgia Geisser
Colleen Avila poses with her art piece.

Shelby Tkacik took home fourth place overall and received $100. Tkacik’s winning ceramics piece is a cactus pot. It’s green with spikes coming off from it to represent the needles. Along the top and on one arm it has flowers laying on top.

“I was very excited to win, and it made all the hard work worth it,” said Tkacik. 

courtesy of Georgia Geisser
Shelby Tkacik poses with her art piece.

“I think that winning three out of four awards is a testament to the rigor we demand of our students and the commitment they have towards their artwork. I am thrilled that our students can compete on a regional level and win; it speaks to our wonderful art department and all the work our students and stuff put in on a regular basis,” said Georgia Geisser, art teacher at Linganore.