A “thank you” to our guest reporters: Photo of the Day 1/23/18


Kelsey Ward

Jason Byrd and Riley Glynn collaborating on their story about creative writing.

by Devin Barge, Editor

On January 23, Lancer Media held their second day (of three) of appreciation for this year’s group of guest reporters, who gained exposure to the complex world of Journalism.

In addition to attracting journalism students through class presentations, Lancer Media took a more “hands on” route. This year each current reporter, chose a another student to write a story together to show students how the class functions behind the scenes.

Freshman Riley Glynn said, “I had a lot of fun writing my story about creative writing with my partner Jason Byrd. After this experience, I would moderately consider taking Journalism next year when we sign up for classes later this year.”

Junior Sarah Brady said, “It was a nice new experience that opened my eyes to more about what the school community is doing, and it’s really cool to see what else goes on at school. I am planning to take Journalism next year when I sign up for classes.”

One attractive feature of the class is that everyone can find something they love to do, whether it’s writing, taking photos, drawing comics, or laying out pages for The Lance. If you are interested in Journalism, we are happy to have you shadow our class.  Please contact any class member or Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky .

Here is a list of all of our guest reporters this semester:

Sarah Brady

Kyle Bedard

Tymira Davis

Brianna Dellavalle

Chris Eastlake

Nicole Escalante

Riley Glynn

Vivien Hagy

Rachel Hall

Jessie Hernandez

Emma Howard

Ave Boghossian-James

Meridith Moyer

Ashley Nash

Brandon Neuman

Rachel Player

Benjamin Rose

Natalie Roth

Gabrielle Smith

Nick Titus

Braden Weinel

Gabbi Young