Tribe chant pumps up the crowd before varsity game: Photo of the Day 9/8/17


courtesy of Grace Bowman

Jacob Garwood pumps up the crowd in Main Street.

by Beau Cameron, Editor-in-Chief

Linganore Class of 2021: Is it an oddly festive Friday? Are you hearing shouts and screams echoing down the hall? Have a horde of students gathered at the top of the main staircase, chanting ominously? Fear not! This is a long-standing Linganore tradition.

Every Friday during the fall, Varsity football has a game at 7 p.m. Depending on how they do at the championships, playoff games can continue until December.

As a way of “pumping up” the student body before the games, The Tribe (a group of Linganore students who are spirit leaders at sports games) starts a chant. After third period, students gather at the top of the main stairs or in the center of Main Street.

The Tribe’s “chief” (2017 chief is senior Jacob Garwood) begins the chant and the hundreds of student follow. Eventually it dissolves into shouting and stomping.

“The chant is a way of bringing Linganore together as a community before games. It gets people excited for the game, which means they’ll come out and support our team,” said Garwood.

The spectacle is all done in good fun, but it can be a surprise for those who haven’t experienced it before.