Lloyd demonstrates Music Technology at lunch: Photo of the Day 2/8/17


Lily Weaver

David Wallace plays the drums during lunch.

by Lily Weaver, Editor

On February 7,  the Music Technology class set up instruments in the cafeteria for students to explore.

Most instruments had headphones on them, so students could play them without anyone hearing.

Many students came up and gave it a try. After someone would play on the drums, since everyone could hear them, the whole cafeteria audience clapped.

Students who gave it a try, walked away with big smiles.  They were happy that the instruments were available, even if it was just for a day.

Performing Arts Department Chair Mr. Kevin Lloyd said,  “Students in the Integrated Music Technology Class learn to use mixers, microphones, digital recorders, and an array of electronic musical instruments like our electronic drum set, synthesizers and guitars.”