Lancer Media celebrates Pi Day with pie and open house: Photo of the Day 3/16/17


Natalie Rebetsky

Lancer Media Celebrates Pi day by baking pies and treating staff to an open house.

by Brandon Cooper, Editor

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On March 16, Lancer Media celebrated a post-snow day Pi Day. They celebrated by making pies both savory and sweet, and by inviting their favorite teachers to an open house to show off their reporting skills.

Pi day is celebrated every  year on March 14 and has been celebrated since 1989. Pi is an infinite number with the starting numbers 3.14159265 35.

The most decimal places of Pi memorized is 70,000, which was achieved by Rajveer Meena from India at the VIT University, Vellore, India, in March of 2015.

Lancer Media’s Pi day was postponed to March 16 because of the snow, but was still a success. Staff and administrators walked out of the journalism classroom with bellies full of pie and brains full of new knowledge on how Lancer Media runs.

Above each student’s computer station was a sign, “My name is ________.  Ask me about _______.”  For example, Sydney Rossman, who reports for Lancer Media Kitchen, shared information about her blog.  Mason Eddins gave school counselor Renata Emery a tour of his blog, “Justice League of Avengers.”  Editor Grace Weaver, who invited members of the administrative team, explained what the staff had done to earn Distinguished SNO Site 2017.

All of the students made (or purchased) pies.  There were 15 pies, including Grace Brooks (Whoopie pies), Emily Reed (lattice apple pie), and Brandon Cooper (Pi Cookies).