Frederick Comic Con: Photo of the Day 2/6/17

Frederick Comic Con: Photo of the Day 2/6/17

by Mason Eddins, Reporter

The Frederick Comic Con took place on Saturday, February 4th. Comic Con was held in a small ballroom like area at the Frederick Holiday Inn, near the Francis Scott Key Mall.

Including the vendors and cosplayers, there were roughly 100-150 people at the event. The entrance fee for the Comic Con was five dollars. Although, those who were 18 years of age or younger could enter for free.

At the event, there were hundreds of boxes of comic books. There was also a table that had several boxes filled with posters of Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and Detective Comics (DC). The table next to the poster table had Star Wars Lego Sets. There were people dressed up as Star Wars characters like Boba Fet and Stormtroopers.

There were were also comics about fictional characters from video games. One of these video game based comics was Tomb Raider. Most of the comics there were from anywhere between the 1950’s and the present year. There weren’t any famous comic writers or artists there.

“It’s really neat how many comic books are here. What’s spectacular is that they are all from the 70’s and 80’s. It feels pretty special to hold something that someone else had from those times”, said Tucker Killebrew, a Class of 2019 member who attended the event.

Even though this wasn’t one of the big events like the one’s that occur at Washington, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, it certainly was a fun event to attend.