FCA participates in the “See You At The Pole” event: Photo of the Day 9/27/17


FCA members praying around the flagpole at LHS

by Allyson Duda, Reporter

Members of the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) participated in the worldwide event on September 27 known as the “See You At The Pole.”  Before school, students to gathered around the flagpole to pray for their friends, families, communities, and the nation. According to the FCA, the whole day is to be committed to global unity in Christ and prayer for your generation.

Lexie Fowler, a member of the FCA,  said, “I am grateful that we have a safe place to be able to express our beliefs at school.”

This event is conducted by students all over the country on the third Wednesday every month, including October 18, November 15, and December 20.

“See You At The Pole” became a national movement from something that seems so small, but made a large impact. In 1990 just 10 students began to pray at school as a grassroots movement. Now, millions of students pray on their campus on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The simplicity of this event is that students meet before the school day begins to lift up family and friends before  the school day starts. 

FCA is a club that meets on every C club day during prep. During their time together they have a short prayer, play games, and discus upcoming events that they are planning. If you are interested in the club, see Mrs. Kathy Becker in the Student Services office.  You do not have to be an athlete to participate.