A tough battle and a loss to Frederick for Lancer ladies: Photo of the Day 2/14/17


courtesy of Jordan Nicolet

Lancers fighting for a rebound against the Cadets.

by Grace Brooks, Reporter

On February 14, the basketball program did not get a Valentine on the court.  Linganore varsity girls were stumped by the Frederick Cadets. The girls fought incredibly hard and never lost an ounce of their effort. The close game ended in Frederick’s favor with the final score 52-40.

“I’m incredibly proud of the fight I saw out there on the court, and this is not the last time we will see the Cadets,” said the coach Rachael Easterday.

The first quarter showed the girls that the remainder of the game was not going to be easy. Frederick was scrappy on defense and a threat on offense. The first quarter also told Linganore how fouls were going to be called, or not called. Caroline Ward was not phased by the hectic atmosphere of the game and scored two three-point shots in the quarter. The first quarter ended with the Cadets leading, 15-10.

Frederick increased their speed and pressure during the second quarter. Starting power forward Jessica Mitchell injured her ankle in the quarter after jumping for a rebound. Mitchell was unable to recover and did not return for the back half of the game. The score at half was still in favor of the Cadets, 32-17.

Linganore returned from the half-time with a new intensity. The Lancers scored 15 points in the third quarter, which was four more than Frederick scored.  To be able to score 15 points, players had to step up and play harder than they had all season. Power forward #42 Olivia Weinel had to play in place of her injured teammate. She had an incredible fight down on the block.

“This was a game where I really had to step up. I had to go in there and fight my hardest. When I was on the court, I was constantly trying to help my team in any way I could,” said Weinel.

During the fourth quarter the girls had to push themselves to the limit. At one point the point gap was closed to a six point difference. Linganore was incredibly tough in the final quarter, on both offense and defense.

This game was not the last time that Linganore and Frederick girls basketball will face off. To be able to move on into the championships the teams will have to battle again. This second season loss to #1 ranked Frederick was hard pill to swallow for the Lancers; however, it was not the game that is a determining factor in the playoffs.

“We fought hard and hustled all we could, but in the end it didn’t go our way. But we’re going to come out on top when it matters,” said #3, Fiona Rowan.

Come out and support the Lancers during their away game at Westminster on February 16 at 7:00.