JV cheer energizes crowds at fall football games


courtesy of Karen Gaydosh

JV cheer stunts during the game against Middletown.

by Grace Gaydosh, Reporter

“Are you psyched to be a Lancer?”

Fourteen cheerleaders are leading the cheers on the sidelines for JV football.

Sophomore captains Reilly Kidwell, Jodi Riggleman, and Makayla Hill, are determined to support the cheerleaders and lead the cheer team to victory in future competitions.

“I think really connecting with all the new girls and the team is a key factor. Not only am I a captain to help make them better cheerleaders, but to also help them be their own cheerleader,” said Kidwell.

Both Hill and Riggleman agree that they are looking forward to making new memories with the cheerleaders and want them to be successful in all that they do.

Success comes in many forms. In the months of practice, the girls individually have made many goals.

“There are things I need to work on such as my left heel stretch. I can definitely work on stretching daily,” said Class of 2020 cheerleader, Charlotte Koogle, one of the three flyers on the team.

“I love seeing our team improve and get stronger each practice,” said Class of 2020 cheerleader, Amber Vance.

The girls also agreed that they love their coaches and what they do for the team.

“I am proud to have coaches that help me succeed on the field and on the mats,” said Kidwell.

Amy Rumburg, JV’s new cheerleading coach, coached LOUYAA cheer for four years and their competitive team for one season. She then stopped coaching when her daughter decided to do All Star Cheer which made for a stressful schedule. Rumburg was then asked if she was interested in coaching the JV cheer team and gladly accepted.

“I just want the girls to have fun and love what they do. I also want them to grow as cheerleaders and get them to the next level,” said Rumburg.

LHS graduate, Morgan Schurg, returning this year as an assistant coach for JV, coached last year with her mother, Terry Schurg. She started cheering for LOUYAA and graduated to become a Linganore cheerleader for all four years of high school.

“My hopes for the girls this season are to work hard and bring home the county competition like we did last year. If they are struggling, I always step in and give them my advice and tell them that practicing is the key to getting better,” said Schurg.

The team always strives for improvement during their practices. If there is something they need to work on or get better at, the cheerleaders will try their best to work together to improve the skill.

“We really need to push ourselves and stop at nothing to achieve greatness,” said Class of 2020 cheerleader, Madi Lindung.

Although there are some areas for improvement, there are many areas of strength. The team is great at working together especially in their stunt groups.

“When working together, everybody always tries their best and puts in all they have,” said Riggleman.

The JV team includes Grace Gaydosh, Makayla Hill, Christina Kelsey, Reilly Kidwell, Shannon Kleinmann, Charlotte Koogle, Madi Lindug, Jasmine Macker, Francesca Martinazzi, Jodi Riggleman, Mckensi Sensibaugh, Kat Taylor, Amber Vance, and Kaitlyn White.