LGBTQ+ community and supporters represent those who are silenced: Photo of the Day 4/15/2016


Sophomore Abby Maloid, shows off her rainbow makeup.

by Hannah Haught, Editor

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This year on The International Day of Silence, a day dedicated to those who’s voices are quelled due to their gender identity or sexual orientation, 41 students vowed to stay silent for the entire school day. The point of the day is for these participating students to represent how others in the LGBTQ+ community lose their voices due to bullying and harassment. The program was started by GLSEN, an education organization that fights to make schools safe for all students regardless of their identity or orientation.

Sarah Jamison, a second-year participant said, “I thought even though there was some negativity being spread around the school, it sparked a lot of conversations about the cause. A lot of people were standing up against hatefulness and I think that’s really what the day is all about.”

After the final school bell rang, GSA members and fellow participants had a “Breaking the Silence” ice cream party were students could get together, relax, and discuss the day.

Jamison said, “Breaking the Silence was a really cool change from last year. Having everyone who participated share their experiences and have fun brought a sense of unity to the LGBTQ+ community at Linganore. I’m excited to do it again next year and, hopefully, see some new faces.”

If you’d like to get involved in Day of Silence next year or learn more you can go to the official website or see Ms. Baker, GSA supervisor, for more information.