Local girls suffer from ‘Bieber Fever’ (and so do I)

Bieber performs at the Verizon Center courtesy of Marissa Ryder

Bieber performs at the Verizon Center courtesy of Marissa Ryder

by Bridget Murphy, Reporter

Bieber fever–it’s real.  Girls are catching it and have had it for years. (Boys are more low-key and won’t admit they like him.  They just like his music.) It is so contagious that there is a name for all who have it: Beliebers. The cause behind the disease? Justin Bieber.

On Friday, April 29th, Justin Bieber gave another outstanding performance in the Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. As someone that went the concert, I would have to say the seats were packed, from the floor all the way to the nosebleeds, and the Verizon Center has a capacity  of 18,277 people. That’s a lot of love.

New singer/song-writer Moxie Raia was the opening act. During the concert she went by her stage name, Yo Moxie. Moxie was signed to US label Capitol Records, and she is most commonly known for her new song, “Hey Love.”  The first song that drew attention was a cover of rapper Big Sean‘s single “Beware.”

Post Malone (Austin Post) followed Moxie. He is most commonly known for his hit single, “White Iverson” from last year. His is a totally different rap sound, but I liked both performers.

Justin opened the concert up with his hit song, Mark My Words , from his new album, Purpose. The crowd went wild. I admit it.  I cried–just a little.  Even from the very far distance, I was shaking. From 11 year old girls to 27-year-old women, Justin recognized everyone in the room. (He really counted each age–I guess anyone over 27 doesn’t count.) He took time during the concert to thank his followers.  It was a huge crowd, but each person felt like he was talking just to them.

A memorable moment from the concert was when Bieber performed his song, “Children.” There were five child dancers who came on stage and after the song, he talked to each child, introducing the dancers to the audience. One boy’s name was Jetson, Justin then dropped his mic jokingly and said, “That is the coolest name I’ve ever heard.”

Justin sings in the rain to his song "Sorry"
Justin sings in the rain to his song  “Sorry” courtesy of Marissa Ryder

Leading into his song “Purpose,” which I consider the best song on his album, he said,”How do I word this correctly? No matter if you have a purpose or you’re looking for your purpose, there is always a purpose. Purpose is very important. I think you guys are amazing, and if a simple guy like me can lose himself and then find himself again, I think you guys can do the same.” (Heart pounding.)

Throughout the concert, Bieber sang some of his most-loved songs including: “Baby “(2010 My World 2.0), “Boyfriend “(2012 Believe), “Life is Worth Living” (2016 Purpose), “What Do You Mean “(2016 Purpose), “No Pressure” (2016 Purpose), “Been You” (2016 Purpose), “Company” (2016 Purpose), “We Are,ft. Nas” (2016 Purpose) and many more.

Sophomore, Olivia Felton, who went with me  says that she is a fan of Bieber because, “He is so talented, but at the same time he is very humble about it.”

Bieber flaunt his Bieber jersey.
Bieber flaunts his Bieber jersey courtesy of Marissa Ryder


“Company” is a highly anticipated performance during the concert due to the sexy dance between Bieber and a 22 year-old red-haired dancer.

Since 2010, when I saw Justin perform at a Maryland State Fair, he has changed his sense of style, music and he has matured. He has become a mature performer–no more state fairs on his schedule.

Justin went through a rough patch around 2014 when he was  charged for a DUI and resisting arrest in Miami Beach during a drag-racing incident.  I have forgiven him, as have all of his Beliebers.

In 2015,  he came onto the Ellen show and confessed that he needed help. He did not want to be a “bad boy” anymore. He doesn’t want to be “who I was pretending to be.” He also posted an apology video on Facebook.

I believe that Bieber has improved as a musician and as a person. In February of this year, he surprised a school in Detroit with a generous donation of thousands of dollars, added to the $500,000 that Ellen also donated.

Bieber has had 27 concerts since the start of his tour this year, on March 9th. By the end of this tour on November 29th, he will have performed at a total of 64 shows. Interested in going to see a concert in the purpose tour? Bieber comes to Baltimore on July 7th, click this link for tickets.

Of course, I’ll be there.  This is an extended illness.