Should prostitution be legal? Photo of the Day 6/11/15


Alyssa Mattison

Junior Luke Staley argues against legalizing prostitution. during AP US History.

by Alyssa Mattison, Reporter

Should prostitution be legal in the United States? Mr. James Hines asked this controversial question to his AP US History class. Students were given one period to research the topic and develop reasons why prostitution should or should not be legal.

After completing thorough research, students separated into two groups, pro and con.  While in groups, students developed an opening and closing statement in order to prepare for a debate.

On Monday, June 8, tables were arranged into a large circle in the center of the classroom.  The two groups sat in their designated side while Hines sat outside of the circle, acting as the arbitrator during the debate.

Throughout the class period, students debated back and forth, but the pro group won the debate by giving more valuable reasoning to why prostitution should be legal.

“It is a good chance to express your own opinion while seeing the point of view from other people who may have a different opinion,” said junior Luke Staley who argued against prostitution.  “The super objective in the end, for me, is to get a better understanding of the people who have different ideas about the world than I do.”

This issue has compelling arguments for both sides, including health issues, human trafficking concerns, connection to violence, and objectification of women.  Read more about this issue at Maps of World.