Students recognized at awards assembly: Photo of the day 6/2/15


courtesy of Natalie Rebetsky

Junior, Matt Watson, receives his science award from Mr. Mark Sunkel .

by Grace Weaver, Reporter

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On June 2, 2015, students were honored for their hard work and achievement from the school year. Parents joined students in the celebration to take pictures of their students receiving the awards.

There are three main types of awards attendance, departmental, and academic awards. The departmental awards are given to one girl and one boy from each grade who have done the best work in that field.

Freshman Hannah Lemen said, “I enjoyed the celebration of academic achievement that both my peers and I have accomplished.”

There were a few laughs throughout the event.  Throughout the celebration Mr. Brown made jokes about how the freshmen always seem to do better than sophomores and juniors for academics.

The awards are:

Honor Roll

Exemplary Attendance






Physical Education

Straight A’s

Perfect Attendance